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Top Smartphone Design Trends for 2015

Smartphones Design Trend 2015

The new generation of smartphones and tablets are already sleeker and more powerful than their predecessors, but they’re due to take a futuristic slant in the near future. If you’re in the market for a new device or qualify for an upgrade this year, what types of smartphone designs can you expect to choose from? Take a look at the following design trends to find out where technology is going this year.

Smartphone and Tablet Design

1.  Flexible materials

Smartphones are about to get curvy. A number of manufacturers are incorporating flexible components into their designs, for flexible, bendable phones that are also more durable than ever. You may already have seen curved phones like the LG G Flex or Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, but by the end of 2015 this curved design will go even further. The next generation of the LG G Flex will be able to bend to a 90 degree angle, and brands like Nokia and Apple are working on foldable designs that could transform from wristwatch to handset as needed. Along with flexible materials for the main display, the latest phones will be made from self-healing plastics and have flexible batteries.

2.  The rise of the ‘phablet’

Can’t choose between a phone and a tablet? Why not combine the best features of both into a ‘phablet?’ The latest generation of smartphones are slightly bigger than before, giving you the benefit of a bigger screen while still ensuring that your device is portable.

3.  Thinner designs

While smartphones are increasing in diameter to become more like tablets, at the same time they’re getting thinner and more lightweight. One new material that is being used in smartphone design this year is graphene. This material is considered to be the strongest and thinnest option, being one million times thinner than a basic sheet of paper. Brands like Apple and Samsung are exploring graphene as an option for smartphones in their concepts this year.

4.  Fingerprint Identification

With security concerns looming large in the minds of many consumers, smartphone designers are looking for new ways to protect your data. One option is to incorporate fingerprint identification security into the smartphone. The iPhone 5 uses a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which uses your unique prints to unlock the phone. Will more manufacturers bring this individualized security feature on board in 2015?

5.  Built-in projectors

Most of us now use our smartphones to use streaming video services. One idea to maximise this feature is to build projectors into smartphones, allowing you to view the images on any flat surface. This can be used not only for videos but also for gaming purposes. The Samsung Galaxy Beam brought this technology into the real world back in 2010, but so far it has yet to take off in the mainstream due to battery and lighting issues. This could be the year that it becomes more viable, with faster network speeds like long term evolution with Nokia Networks and an improvement in technology.

From self-healing materials to fingerprint identification, 2015 looks like it will be a standout year for anyone who is in the market for a new smartphone. Which features are you most excited about?

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