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ChatBadge – A live chat tool for Internet Retailers

ChatBadge logo v6 ChatBadge - A live chat tool for Internet Retailers

ChatBadge-logo-v6 Customers love speaking to a ‘real’ person. Offering a live help directly in real-time allows you to really understand your customers needs.  With a live chat tool on your website, your customers aren’t forced to wait ‘on hold’ or wait for an email reply to get the help they need.

ChatBadge was developed during the financial crisis and is maintaining exponential sales growth. The UK government is now forecasting that the economy will continue to decline in 2009 and might get back on its feet in 2010. Andrew Gill, Director, said “ChatBadge has bucked the trend. This is a great time to launch new software products but only into the right markets.  We are very successful with Customer Support Software targeted at Internet Retailers of high value items”.

ChatBadge is aiming attention on helping Internet Retailers increase sales and improve customer service. “This is a very compelling proposition for Internet Retailers who can benefit from significant ROI. ChatBadge will help engage with new customers and attract new sales even in the worst recession since the 1930’s. Given the right customer service software, all internet retailers can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. ChatBadge provides a unique double whammy – increased sales and reduced costs. This is the ideal time to start using ChatBadge because we are in Beta stage and offer the beta tool for free.” said Andrew Gill.

But not only is this new widget a helpful tool in the current crisis, it is also preferred by the younger generation. A new survey also shows that more than 20% of 18-24 year olds would choose a live chat widget to communicate with an expert if they had a query with an online transaction as it is much easier and quicker.

Matthew Haines from nGernea said: “It’s clear from the research that the customer support service landscape is changing. Online channels such as email, web self-service and live chats are quickly overtaking phone as the preferred contact method for UK consumers.”

Here’s a summary of the free beta version…

  • Real-time chat between you and your website visitors.
  • Unlimited operators
  • Scalable. Unlimited websites and domains
  • Dashboard helps co-ordinate a global customer sales and support team
  • Easily configurable. Choose a badge that matches your site.
  • Nothing to install. Less than 5 minute to set up.

ChatBadge is still at its beta-testing phase. All beta accounts are free.

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