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How Dedicated Server Hosting Is Better Than Cheap Web Hosting?


There has always been a constant discussion regarding different web hosting types. Among all, dedicated server hosting and cheap web hosting are considered as two most important types of web hosting and both are used by countless customers at a time. Since we all have different opinions, there are people who would say cheap web hosting is better than any other option because it is affordable, easily manageable etc whereas a lot of people might consider dedicated hosting as the best considering is reliability and scalability. Both schools of thought are correct in their own space but generally, dedicated server hosting is considered much better than cheap web hosting.

Dedicated sever hosting means that a computer server is completely dedicated to just one single website. Usually dedicated hosting is preferred by those customers who need a host for their big budget business websites. Websites that are intensive and attract enormous volumes of traffic cannot get enough of cheap web hosting packages therefore if you want to provide your customers with stable performance and quick access then dedicated hosting is the best option. Since the server is not being shared with any other website, the performance is automatically efficient and enhanced. Dedicated server hosting enhances the reliability of a website. It is securer and safer since it avoids all sorts of spam and virus issues.

Cheap hosting services on the other hand are full of limitations, restrictions, and threats. Business websites are not able to make big profits because only a limited number of people can get access to the websites. The servers are being shared by a lot of websites which can be a reason to the load caused on the servers. Over loaded web servers make website browsing slow in fact at times the websites become completely inaccessible. Cheap hosting plans provide very little or no technical assistance to the customers which can lead to a lot of problems which are never addressed. The websites hosted by cheap hosting plans are less attractive and captivating because of the limited features. There is no such option as unlimited data transfer which means the website cannot have a comment section or video/ audio transfer option. All these and several other limitations indicate that dedicated sever hosting is the best option for all business websites. Cheap hosting can be opted if you want to have a website as part of your hobby.

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