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Email Branding as Part of a Successful Marketing Strategy

What is Email Branding

These days, it would be difficult to find a workplace that doesn’t rely on email as a part of its inbound and outbound communications suite. Email usage worldwide is growing steadily each year, and it was estimated that over 306 billion emails were transmitted daily in 2020!

It is a well-known fact that first impressions count, and in a business sense, it is highly likely that email will be the first form of contact between a prospective client and a business entity.

When most people consider email as a business marketing tool, they invariably consider the content of those emails. Message tone, wording, and content become the primary – and in many cases – the only consideration. For a web content specialist operation, email presentation is as vitally important as email content, and it can potentially be the factor that sets the business apart from its competition.

What is Email Branding?

A primary layout feature of any good email is the email signature – specifically, the default signature, which identifies the sender. Email branding could best be described as an operation’s digital business card.

So basically, Email branding is mostly your email signature which contains your name, job title, personal or team photo, company name and logo, business address, social media and contact information. An email signature can also contain your company’s motto and live links to your company’s website, profile pages, and navigation maps.

email signature 1 Email Branding as Part of a Successful Marketing Strategy
email signature 2 Email Branding as Part of a Successful Marketing Strategy
email signature 3 1 Email Branding as Part of a Successful Marketing Strategy

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Marketing in a Competitive Industry

There are currently approximately 1.58 billion active websites in operation on the worldwide web. It is recognized that design and presentation is the major influence on a site user’s perception of the credibility of that website.

In the same manner, the quality of the site’s content is critical to holding a website user’s interest. When spoiled for choice, potential patrons of a given website can come and go, literally at the click of a mouse button.

A successful marketing campaign should recognize and incorporate this fundamental principle – professional design and carefully considered presentation are the key influencers of credibility.

Defined and professional email branding provides that ‘credibility hit’ from the very first point of contact with a potential client. Consumer psychology observes that this first impression is both powerful and long-lasting.

Consider Your Image

Having established this important fundamental principle, the natural progression is to consider the image or impression that the business wishes to convey to potential clients. This image may be professionalism and integrity or passion and personalized service. Regardless of the desired impression, the important rule is that this theme, or branding, should be carried through the business email platform uniformly.

Company email signatures could be customized with a corporate logo or image to catch the eye of the reader. A motto or perhaps a thoughtful and relevant quote can be incorporated as a ‘tag line’ to further reinforce the desired image.

In a sense, the power of a professional email branding strategy is twofold:

  • The uniform layout and design sets an immediate professional tone which influences the perception of business credibility and integrity
  • The image then conveyed, in the form of company logo, imagery, and presentation projects a desired impression or idea of the type of operation the prospective client is dealing with.

The Cost-effectiveness of Email Branding

The use of professional email branding as a marketing tool may be perhaps one of the most overlooked assets in a web design company’s marketing inventory. This precious gem of information could potentially mean the difference between a good organization and a highly successful and lucrative one.

As well as its functionality as a daily operational tool, it has been shown that branded email also finds a place as a vital marketing component.

When considering the traditional range of marketing products and strategies, a good email branding platform represents a highly cost-effective investment. Given its potential for generating a stronger customer base and increased business turnover, it is arguably one of the more cost-effective marketing tools available to the business operator.

Consumer patterns that characterize the broader online market – notably the tendency for potential customers to move rapidly from one site to another – means that web design and content providers need to capture interest and gain client confidence virtually from the first contact.

First impressions play a vital role in overall success, and any marketing strategy should be structured with a sound understanding of this key underlying principle.

A professional email branding software suite ensures the delivery of a sound ‘first impression’ and should be considered as a vital part of the business strategy.

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