Emoticons and Kaomoji (Japanese Emoticons) Guide

An emoticon (emotional icon) is a textual expression representing the face of a writer’s mood or facial expression. Emoticons are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text. The word is a portmanteau of the English words emotion (or emote) and icon. In web forums, instant messengers and online games, text emoticons are often automatically replaced with small corresponding images, which came to be called emoticons as well.

Certain complex character combinations can only be accomplished in a double-byte language, giving rise to especially complex forms, sometimes known by their romanized Japanese name of kaomoji. (source: wikipedia.com)

Here are some of the most commonly used emoticons and some cute Japanese emoticons (kaomoji) with their corresponding meaning…

:) :-) :^) smiling faces, happy
O;^) angel
>(‘,’) < annoyed or sleeping kitty
-! @= anti nuke
| I asleep
:= | baboon
~:o a baby
:#( bandaid on my nose
<:3)— mouse
:-X my lips are sealed
-! no
:/i no smoking
@= nuclear explosion
Ø;^)» bearded man has his mind on another planet
:D a grin, big laugh
:—–} big liar
:/\} big nose
|-O big yawn
!-} black eye
:-1 bland face
:* blowing a kiss
c——-7 boat
o….!!!!! bowling
%-) braindead
R-} broken glasses
;-E buck-toothed vampire
~===| candle
*\0/* cheerleader
0=:^) chef
()==>~:o child-birth
?;^( confused
>(?,?)< confused kitty
O_o or o_O confusion or shocked
3:-o cow
:&) crazy smile
:~( crying
;_; crying
~0)| cup of coffee
-!! definitely not
:-[ despondent unhappiness
};^) devil
:-) 8 Dolly Parton
:^(» down and out with a beard
:-}…. drool
:*) drunk
(: I egghead or little guys in robes with R2D2
O.O eyes wide open
<*)))-{ a fish, fishy
@-}– flower
:-)~(-: french kissing
8)~~* frog catching a fly
4:-} George Washington
,J gone fishing(worm on hook)
:)>+ a happy christian wearing a cross
8:-) happy little girl
:^)» happy person with a goatee
<3 heart
ð;^) holy roller
(8() Homer Simpson
J:^( hooked on something
(( )) hugs
(( )):** hugs and kisses
:*(~ hung over
;[ ] hungry
:-s incoherent statement
:-I indifferent
+++<3+++ infatuation
///0-0\\\ John Lennon
:** kisses
§;^() lawyer
:-9 licking lips
:> little grin
_\\// Live Long and Prosper!
((<3)) love
:{) man with mustache smiling
=^..^= meeow
Ø;^) mind on another planet
:$) money crazy grin
o–7o motorcycle
8-O Oh my God!
:-| out of words
(@v@) owl
8-) person wearing glasses
B) person wearing sunglasses
:-?} philosopher
:8) pig
+O:-) the Pope
:< pouting
+:-} priest
+! @= pro nuke
-:-) punk rocker
:-” pursed lips
[:] robot
<===~~ rocket
:-( sad
:-y said with a smile
:-/ sceptical
÷;^( schizophrenic
:-@ screaming
O_O shocked (big eyes)
:-V shouting
:-W shouting with forked tongue
:-‘(~ sick from smoking
:-~) sick with a cold
>(~,~)< sleeping kitty
-_- sleepy or bored
:~i smoking
:-‘) smoking
:-? smoking a pipe
|^o snoring
:-v speaking
:-w speaking with forked tongue
¿%?:-} split (ferrengi-ear) brain, bicameral mind
=-O starship Enterprise
**<3** star-struck
c|:-| state trooper or smokey the bear
:)~ sticking out tongue
:P sticking out tongue
>(O,O)< suddenly interested kitty
-_-‘ or -_-; sweat drops
:-7 talking out of side of face
ixxxxxi tennis net
<3<3 togetherness
:-J tongue in cheek
:-& tongue tied
<:>== a turkey
:o uh oh!
:-C unbelievable
=|:^)= uncle sam
#-) unconscious
:-\ undecided
:( unhappy
+!! very much so
=:o very surprized
:<= walrus
:-)===> wearing a tie
{:-) wearing a toupee
@:-) wearing a turban
d:-) wearing baseball cap
>;-> wicked grin
())=( wine glass
;) winking
,-) winking, just kidding
<8:-) a wizard
+! yes
:-r yuk, sticking out tongue

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