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Ways to Help Individuals and Companies that are Facing IRS Tax Liens

IRS Tax Liens

Having the IRS conduct an audit and place liens on your property and assets can be an intimidating and stressful process, especially without guidance. Whether you’re running a firm that provide IRS tax debt relief or you’re a marketer looking to generate leads for a client, the key to finding prospects is tailoring your outreach to audiences that are facing tax troubles. Where are these prospects and how do you find them, you ask? In the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at some of the ways firms are building their clientele base through diversified efforts and a focus on sharing information:

1. Making Your Expertise Known

While giving away advice for free might seem counter-intuitive initially, it is a great way to put your knowledge on display and build brand recognition. When people get used to you answering tax-related questions on forums and social networks they’ll be more likely to come to you for specialized assistance if it is needed in the future. Making yourself available and visible on multiple social sites and internet communities can go a long way in expanding your online network. Don’t be afraid to chime in on the conversation when you see people talking about taxes, debt, liens and other topics that might intersect with your target audience.

2. Answering Common Questions on Your Blog

Another great way to generate IRS tax lien leads is to create a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on your blog that addresses the most common concerns and curiosities you encounter when dealing with clients. Many people who are facing tax liens only want to trust a firm that is able to prove its abilities by sharing important information. Your goal is to put your site’s pages in an ideal position to rank highly in search engines for keywords and phrases that prospects are likely to search for.

3. Offering Free Consultations and Advice

Aside from volunteering help on social sites, forums, and through addressing popular questions, offering free personalized consultations can introduce you to prospects that would otherwise overlook your services. When someone knows they can get useful information free, they’re more likely to give it a try, and after a short conversation, anyone who is a suitable prospect should be able to judge the value that your services will provide. When it comes to protecting assets and property that have had liens placed on them, many businesses and individuals will see the importance of enlisting the guidance and support of trained professionals.


Emphasizing the Worst Case Scenarios

While fear mongering is certainly not new in the world of marketing, it is of particular importance in convincing prospects that they’re in need of tax debt relief services. They need to be aware that there is a very real danger of them losing their property or facing penalties if the tax debt is not settled in a timely manner. Without exaggerating to prove a point, it is possible to highlight the potential negative outcomes that can arise if assistance is not utilized in dealing with the IRS.

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