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High Speed Trains Depend on High End Electronics Components

high speed train High Speed Trains Depend on High End Electronics Components

High speed trains are comprised of multiple systems that are controlled by electronics components. They operate primarily through automation that controls navigation, communication and engine control. Electronic parts are responsible for providing safety and comfort for passengers on board the trains. High quality parts with complete traceability for applications in high speed trains can be acquired from electronics components suppliers (Verical.com). They offer reliable electronics components from leading manufacturers in the industry.

Switches are essential for the proper functioning of high speed trains. They are used to open and close electric circuits and can be found in two types: contactors and disconnectors. Contactors are capable of opening and closing under a load and are used for applications such as high power traction converters, climate control, lighting and magnetic brakes. Disconnectors operate with no load and are used primarily to reconfigure traction circuits when voltage changes.

Resistors of various types are employed in electronic systems of high speed trains. Braking resistors are convection or force cooled and designed to stop a motor at full load. Continuous resistors provide dampening of current and voltage peaks and are frequently used in multifunctional systems. Crowbar resistors protect against over-voltages while frame resistors are designed to handle pulse loads.

Other vitally important electronics components used for high speed trains include relays that are used to protect motors, generators and transformers from overload. High speed circuit breakers are capable of detecting current increases rapidly to prevent short circuits and overcurrent faults. These electronic parts as well as a variety of others are incorporated into integrated functional units by manufacturers of specialty solutions designed for high speed trains, substations and energy management systems.

One of the largest manufacturers of electronic systems for high speed trains is Bombardier. The company produces propulsion converters that are responsible for power conversion on AC and DC supplies. MITRAC propulsion and control systems are capable of seamlessly converting any energy source, for example diesel or electric, to a form the train can use. This allows uninterrupted performance for trains that travel through regions that employ a different energy source. Bombardier’s MITRAC Train Control and Management System (TCMS) provides vehicle and drive control, diagnostics and communications. The system uses a network comprised of Ethernet switches, TCN and IP gateways that interface with vehicle and drive modules to provide visual diagnostics as well as control of traction motors and power management. It also provides voice communication and on-board video surveillance.

Siemens is another major manufacturer of electronics components and systems designed for high speed trains. The company produces traction converters, power converter components and on-board power converters. Siemens is the inventor of electric traction and their Sitrac drive control protects against slipping and sliding without a speed sensor. The company’s power supply systems use GBT power semiconductor modules and Sibcos microprocessor controls for precise diagnostics. They are available with natural, forced air or water cooling and are capable of powering multiple devices through a three-phase busbar.

EKE also manufactures a number of technology solutions for high speed trains including automation, system integration and safety. The company’s Trainnet Control and Management System (TCMS) automates train operation and provides one point of control for all of the train’s systems. It monitors the systems and provides real time data for the driver. The system can be integrated with other modules such Passenger Information Systems and Event Recorders by means of bus technologies such as WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L and Ethernet

Eaton provides a variety of components for high speed trains including power units, motors and electronics components for hydraulic control. The company’s EFX electronic controllers operate by means of 32- bit processors. It provides digital input from sensor signals and semiconductor output with diagnostic capabilities. Eaton also produces electronic parts that provide circuit protection as well as supercapacitors and magnetics.

Maglev trains are the latest in high speed train technology. They differ from other trains in operation by levitating on a magnetic field. There are two currently in operation: Germany’s Transrapid train and the Shanghai Transrapid. Maglev trains also rely heavily in electronic systems for operation. Its control system is responsible for levitation, guidance and signals related to safety.

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