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Tech Services To Run Your Business Smoothly

tech services for business

Tech companies create new tools for business operations all the time. As technology improves, your business will rely even more on useful tech products. In fact, your company may need to rely on technology to compete for customers.

Here are some great applications to help your business run smoothly:

Staying on top of finances

Your company finances should follow a cycle. First, you plan and budget for the month or year. You then post accounting transactions during the month. At month-end, you generate financial reports and review your results.

The challenge for a manager is to stay on top of all the transactions that occur. You need an easy-to-use system to post financial activity.

Quickbooks software is an accounting system that is user-friendly. You can set up a chart of accounts that fits your specific business. Quickbooks offers a cloud-based version that makes backing up your data easy. At month-end, you can produce dozens of financial reports with just a few clicks.

quickbook software

The biggest financial challenge for a business may be processing payroll. The calculations for tax withholding can be complex- and the rules change frequently. Each employee’s tax and benefit withholdings may be different. It’s critical that you use technology to resolve this issue.

Wagepoint is a payroll service that is also cloud-based. The application can calculate withholdings, based on the employee data you provide. Wagepoint can also send direct deposit payments to your workers. Using technology for payroll can be a huge time-saver.

wagepoint software

Marketing tools

A growing percentage of your customers may make buying decisions online. To reach those clients, you need an attractive website. You also need to apply search engine optimization (SEO) tools, so your site will get noticed online.

WordPress is an open source content management system to create attractive-looking websites. Over 20% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. Consider hiring a tech professional to host a WordPress site.



Once you have your site set up, consider how you can apply SEO techniques. Google is currently the largest search engine on the web. Google’s search process now values interesting content more highly. Posting useful content for your audience is a great way to move up Google’s search rankings.

When people find your site, you can present them with an offer for more content, in exchange for their email address. By emailing content periodically, the prospective client will keep you in mind when they make a buying decision.

A growing percentage of Internet traffic is moving toward mobile devices. Searchenginewatch.com explains how you can optimize your website for mobile devices. Your website text and site navigation tools should be clearly seen on a mobile phone.

search engine watch

IT Security

If your website is down, your business will suffer. FireWallTechnical.com, which manages information tech accounts, including Ottawa IT services, explains how managed services allow a business to transfer the burden of IT operations to an external company.

An outside expert can manage company servers, disaster recovery processes and any other IT issues that come up. IT firms can keep your website up and running, and also help with hardware and software installation.

As your company’s use of technology grows, so does the need to manage your hardware and software effectively. Consider hiring an expert to keep your business running smoothly.

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