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How Technology is Impacting HR

HR Software How Technology is Impacting HR

Improvements in technology and software applications are nothing new these days. In fact, you are hard pushed to go 24 hours without a new update here or a snazzy new release there, and both personal and business users are affected. However, what does this mean when we get more specific and drill down to an individual department? Let’s take a look:

HR and tech

One area of business that has seen dramatic changes thanks to technological advancements is HR. Automating basic tasks commonly carried out by HR staff members can save both time and money, and a fully integrated HR suite can take things on to the next level.

Remote training

Remote training is one of the biggest advancements seen in recent years and the benefits are clear. Companies no longer have to rely on external trainers to attend their premises and carry out training sessions, as they can now be held virtually online.

HR systems can also be used to track, monitor and assess an individual employee’s progress, providing almost instant feedback on their development.

Greater recruitment options

Job-hunting, like the business world, has changed forever. Searching through trade and local papers is pretty much a thing of the past as today’s school leavers and graduates use technology to find work.

Similarly, technology has had an influence on the way recruiters operate too. The Internet boom has allowed those posting vacancies to reach prospective employees in a number of different ways. From social media to online job boards, technology has turned the employment market on its head.

Performance management made simple

Individual employees can now be easily assessed without the need for reams of paperwork to be sifted through. A good HR system will allow managers to keep tabs on staff members’ current skill levels and implement relevant training wherever it may be needed.

Higher productivity

An integrated HR system can affect the output of a company too. Having the ability to gather information quickly from multiple sources means that productivity increases and the need for error checking is also reduced.

Lower costs

Thanks to the improved efficiency, HR software can significantly lower annual costs for a business. From improved recruitment practices through to lower printing costs,as documents can now be printed on demand, these points can make for decent savings come the end of the year.

Staying ahead of the technological curve is vital for all business owners in the 21st century. Failing to do so will put them at a distinct disadvantage to any competitor who embraces this new way of working.

While many human resources departments have already begun to make changes, those who keep abreast with the latest developments are sure to prosper. Pushing through to take on the challenge of strategic redirection, developing employees and managing their skill sets is sure to become as ubiquitous as the record keeping and payroll management systems that are already in place today.

If you are interested in finding out more about how HR software can help you and your business, visit ciphr.com today to learn just what a fully integrated system can do for you.

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