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Use Technology to Ensure You Don’t Miss a Single Game This Season

NFL season

Summer is almost halfway finished, and for sports fanatics, you know what that means… football season is just around the corner. You’ve probably got your Sunday and Monday nights booked as you prepare to watch 32 teams compete for the ultimate reward – the Super Bowl Championship. It’s time to dust off the recliner, grab a brewsky and some snacks, and tune in to your favorite games of the season. Not sure you can catch every single game? No worries, there are several technologies that you can use to your advantage to make sure you never miss another game again.

How to Catch Every Game

There’s only two ways to ensure you see every single home game. The first is to purchase season tickets and attend every game. The other is to subscribe to a premium television service, such as Direct TV Select with Sunday Ticket.

Season passes to your favorite football team’s games can be purchased online, or at the stadium but you can only purchase tickets when the stadium is open to sales. You’ll need to get on the waiting list in order to be considered for club seats or season tickets. In order to be considered for the waiting list, you must submit to a non-refundable deposit of $150. The sooner you register for the waiting list, the better because your ability to get tickets is not guaranteed.

Sunday Ticket is a lot less expensive. Select packages allow you to view nearly every game. If you desire to follow more than one team, there are those options available. This includes away games, as well as home games. Now, you don’t have a single excuse to miss a minute of all the action.

Mobile Game Watching is on the Rise

Your smart phone is the secret to catching game seven when you’re not at home. There are subscription services, and the Sunday Ticket app which can be downloaded as an app on your mobile devices, such as your phone or tablet. Moreover, you can include Sunday Ticket MAX, which allows you to watch up to 8 games at once.

If your phone streams in high-definition, your games will too. You can even screen captures scores and important data to share with friends and family members. This is easily the future of sports viewing, and it’s going to become more readily available to users across wider platforms.

Never Miss a Moment

Technology is incredible, and it can ensure you don’t miss a single moment of the big game. If you’re leaving the room for a snack, you can hit pause. If you looked away during an incredible snap, you can rewind the scene to view it again. It’s an incredible way to view your favorite teams, and it’s a heck of a lot better than missing games.

Technology has certainly shifted the way we do things today. When you think about it, we’ve gone from having to listen to sports on the radio (or watching them at the stadium), to blurry, black and white television screens, to color television, to the flat screen (in HD), to now being able to watch them from any mobile device with a secure internet connection. Sports fans, say goodbye to missed games and arguments with the wife, and say hello to the world of sports in a new and improved way. Now that you have all these options available to you, here’s a question for ya… “Are you ready for some football?”

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