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How to Reach More People with your Marketing

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No matter how impressive your graphics are or how big a star you manage to book to appear in your adverts, your marketing will only work if it reaches the right people and they actually listen to it. Here are some of the ways you can make sure your work reaches the biggest amount of people possible.

Speak to people in more languages

One of the biggest limitations to the amount of people you can market a product or service to is the language barrier between your brand and a potential customer. While it’s highly likely that your marketing team, your management team and even most of the people employed by the company will all speak the same language, not all of your potential customers will speak the same language. Even in mainly English-speaking countries like England, Australia or the USA, there are still large proportions of the population who don’t speak English. That’s why it’s important that even if you’re marketing to your product to just one country or even just one small state or city, you should never presume that everybody will be able to understand your marketing if it’s written in one language.

To make sure you’re reaching the biggest audience possible, it’s important not to only publish marketing materials in the most popular language spoken in your target market. You should also publish marketing materials in the second, third and even forth most popular languages in that country. That way you know that there won’t be large groups of people who won’t be affected by your marketing if they come into close contact with it.

While you might think translating the content you’ve already produced would be as simple as employing the help of a translator, it can become a lot more confusing than that. As you’re working with lots of pieces of text and trying to translate them into lots of different languages, it’s important to come up with an organized system to stop errors from occurring. One of the best ways to do this is to use software like the Smartling translation management system to keep track of the progress of every translation. Instead of having to hand or email multiple documents back and forth and have to wait for someone to send you back the finished translation, with this software you only have to add the text to the software once. Once a new document has been added, the translator will be able to access it by simply logging onto the same software. Instead of having to then download lots of attachments when they’ve completed the work, the translators will simply update the existing document in the system. You’ll even get to see as soon as a translation is completed, so you won’t waste time waiting for people to email you back.

Target different platforms

You might think the best way to get your advert seen by lots of people is to target every example of the platform you’re currently advertising on. For example, you might think the best way to target everybody is to purchase advertising on every single newspaper website in the country. While you might think this would lead to everyone seeing your advert, it’ll only be seen by people who use the websites of newspapers to get their news. Many people now use other platforms like Twitter, podcasts or even streaming live bulletins on their phone to get the latest news. It’s important to also target these platforms so you your message has the potential to be seen by everybody. While there are always going to be platforms your target audience are going to be more likely to access and the majority of your resources should be spent there, it’s important to spend some time and money making sure your brand appears on all platforms.

Refresh your marketing regularly

We’ve all had that feeling where we’ve been watching several videos on YouTube in a row and the exact same advert starts playing before every single video. On the first or second play, people may have paid attention to it. On the fifth or sixth play in a row, as soon as people hear the recognizable first notes of your opening jingle or the first few words uttered by your advert’s star, they’ll instantly become irritated by it. Not only does it become irritating but repeating the same messages over and over is just wasting your money. If people weren’t persuaded to buy a product or service the first few times they saw an advert for it, the fifth or sixth time they see it highly unlikely to have a different effect.

With this in mind, it’s important to regularly refresh your marketing campaign. Don’t keep marketing the exact same 30-second advert every time. Instead, regularly create new ones that highlight different qualities about a product, showcase different products entirely or just explain a service in a different way. By altering your advert slightly, you’re able to give the potential customers more reasons for them to do business with you. You could even create multiple adverts and have them all running at the same time as part of the same campaign. This will make sure the viewer doesn’t instantly turn off when they recognize your advert and you’ll be able to impart more knowledge about your brand over a few adverts rather than trying to hammer the same messages time and time again.

Featured image: vector by pikisuperstar

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