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How to Use Social Media to Build Your Blogging Presence

Use Social Media to Build Your Blogging Presence

A blog offers an excellent way to generate positive attention online. Through blog posts, you have the chance to establish credibility, share ideas, and give advice. Maintaining a blog requires a lot of dedication, but even the most motivated bloggers may find they’re not getting the traffic levels they’d hoped to achieve. If that sounds familiar, it’s a good idea to consider turning to social media to give your blog more momentum. Keep reading to learn how.

Publish All Blogs on Social Media Channels

Although you probably already offer a way for readers to get notified about new content by subscribing to your blog, it’s also wise to publish all your blog posts simultaneously across social media channels. That way, you’re potentially attracting people who might not subscribe to your blog, but still want the scoop on new content.

Ask for Feedback From Social Media Users

Social media is an excellent tool for getting instant feedback. You might want to ask social media users how they liked the most recent entry in a blog series, or request suggestions for the next topics to cover. Regardless of how you choose to solicit feedback, make sure to monitor social media just as diligently as you check for incoming blog comments.

Use Social Media to Promote One-Off Events

After building up their followers, many bloggers host seminars that teach other people how to manage successful blogs. You might want to do the same, especially if you’ve learned things throughout your own blogging journey that would be useful for others to know.

Alternatively, think about publishing an e-book and holding a special launch event. You could fill the book with lots of insight pulled from blog posts you’ve written over the years, instruct people how to write memorable titles, or help them conquer writer’s block.

Your seminars, e-book launches, and similar special events can easily be promoted via social media pages. If desired, you could even offer discounts to people who stumble across the social media announcements and ultimately decide to attend the events.

Join Social Media-Based Blogging Groups

One great thing about social media is the way it connects like-minded people and allows them to encourage each other. Maybe you’ve only been blogging for a short time and need advice about how to devote more time to the endeavor. On the other hand, perhaps you’re a seasoned blogger but feel your most recent content hasn’t resonated with readers as much as expected. Those are just two scenarios that might be solved by confiding in other bloggers.

Before the days of the Internet, people usually had to buy conference tickets to connect with people who had shared interests. Now, people can just converse with each other in cyberspace by joining specialty social media groups. Besides growing your circle of online friends, these groups provide a great way to promote your blog. Such online communities welcome that type of promotion, because it enables other bloggers to see what their peers are doing, and offer potentially valuable pointers.

Connect Your Blog Content With Social Media Material

It’s usually a good idea to have a broad range of related content across both your social media feeds and your blog. For a great example of varied yet related content, check out the HamptonCreek Facebook page. Hampton Creek is a food technology company that makes it simple for people to eat healthily without hassles. It’s known for offering egg-free mayonnaise, but has expanded its product line.

The company’s Facebook feed features images, videos, and recipes that tie into the company’s goal of making healthy eating more possible. You can follow that lead and populate your social media channels with content that somehow relates to the topic or theme of your blog.

Then, if people get enticed by the supplementary social media, they’ll be more likely to come over to your blog and start exploring the material there.
The more cohesive your content is, the more informative and applicable it’ll be to the people who read it, whether they do so on social media, or your blog.

The tips and strategies above should help you feel well equipped and confident when trying to bring more traffic to your blog through social media. Remember, when giving them a try, always pay attention to what your readers want, and adapt accordingly.

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