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How to watch Satellite TV on your PC using a PCTV card

pctv How to watch Satellite TV on your PC using a PCTV card

Got broadband connection? Then you can watch satellite TV on you PC. You just need a hardware called PCTV card.

One benefit of watching satellite TV through a broadband connection is that the TV channels are all free. You can also watch them at anytime at your own convenience. This makes it a great option to paid satellite TV services. Watching satellite TV on PC is a one-stop solution to piled up TV bills. 

Internal PCTV card
External / Plug-and-Play PCTV USB


To watch satellite TV on your PC, your PC must be first enabled to receive the TV channel feed. This is done by using a PCTV card. The PCTV card is a hardware equipment like your modem. There are 2 kinds of PCTV cards, namely internal and external. Internal cards are hidden from sight and are not much of a concern to you in terms of installation. External ones are plug-and-play. No installation needed. They are connected to your PC at the USB port and connected to your phone line or network cable line. External PCTV cards are a bit more expensive than the internal ones. Nowadays, you can also easily find wireless ones. They used to be expensive but prices have dropped quite a far bit due to competition. People prefer to buy the external version due to the ease of use. Plug it into your USB port and that’s about it. A decent quality PCTV card can range from $200 to $400 onwards depending on the features.

External / Wireless PCTV cards

It is important to know that the quality of channels depends on the speed of your internet connection and computer configuration. Faster internet connection and faster computer mean faster and smooth video streaming.

No broadband yet? If you have been considering making the switch to broadband, you’ll find many vendors these days offer incentives such as reduced cost for service, free equipment, and rebates to ease the burden of any start up cost for high speed broadband Internet service. In the end, broadband is just as affordable yet better and faster than dial up Internet. It is recommended that you do some research and compare broadband providers before deciding which broadband deal is best for you. If you are often on the move or use your laptop in a variety of locations, mobile broadband internet is an excellent choice. And this technology looks set to be a big part of the future in high-speed communications.

If you already have a broadband connection, you may want to test your connectivity. There are several websites that offers broadband speed test. These websites can also suggest some faster and some cheaper broadband providers.

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  2. It is quite encouraging information for those who are interested for watching online tv right on their pcs. With the use of these simple and convenient devices, it is now possible to watch online tv with much hustle. Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful information on the subject.

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