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Is Blogging Important For My SEO?

Is Blogging Important For My SEO

Have you ever wondered why companies blog? Have you ever wondered if there is any other benefit besides having something for people to read? We are here to tell you that there is a lot to blogging and it is so important for your business. The most important reason is that it will help your SEO. Why is this? Keep reading as the top United States SEO services agency explains it.

Adds new content to your page

One of the main reasons why blogging is so powerful for your SEO ranking is because it puts fresh content on your website. Google likes to see your website updated and fresh content put up regularly. Does this mean that you should be reworking your home page each week? No, it means that you should be blogging. It is a simple and beneficial way to put that new content up on a regular basis.

Always a place to put keywords and backlinks

Backlinks are very important to have linking out to other places as well as your own website. That is one of the beneficial parts about a blog. It is easy to do, and you can continue to make more backlinks the more blogs you put out. This will help to increase your SEO ranking. As well, you can add keywords and keyword phrases that people are searching so they are much more likely to find your blog and therefore be on your website. That also means that your website has a lot more keywords which again, will help your ranking on Google.

Will bring new readers to your website

When people want to read about a specific topic, they Google it and if your blog appears, they will click on it and end up on your website. This means that it can bring people in a whole new way to your website as well as appear from more search terms on Google.

Easy items to re-purpose on your social media pages

Blogging is great for re-purposing content on your social media page. When people click on it, Google will know that people are still enjoying that page on your website and the more people that are clicking on it the more Google will know it’s a relevant blog and more people should want to read it, therefore, ranking it and your website higher.

Show that you know what you are talking about

There’s nothing better than to be able to not only educates your readers but to show how you as a business are educated and know what you are talking about. You can easily do this through a blog. Also, when people are on a page on your website for a while, Google learns that there much be something interesting on that page. People will be on a page for a while if they are reading an entire blog. That means, your SEO ranking will increase because of people staying to read the blog.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why blogging is not only important for your business, but it is critical for your SEO ranking on Google. We hope that you learned a lot from this article and are on your way to writing your first blog. Remember to try and blog at least once or twice per month and make it at least 500 words.

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