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Keywords and Hashtags: How to Make SEO Work for You

Illustration - Keywords and Hashtags: How to SEO

Use the right keywords and the traffic will come to you – that’s what SEO marketing is about. Hashtags, a pop culture phenomenon, might seem like a separate entity but it isn’t. It started as a way for social media platforms to organize topics and discussions, and now have become utilized in the workings of SEO as well.

The change in consumer behavior

For a time, search engines were the only method of searching for information. That was before the rise of social media, such as Instagram or Youtube. Now users are turning to social media as a means to discover relevant information. Therefore, using the right hashtags are just as important as using the right keywords.

How hashtags are relevant to your brand

SEO companies have found ways to use hashtags to influence their client’s rankings on SERPs, treating them like long-tail keywords which offer high conversion rates with low competition. From this standpoint, you can also market your business through social media platforms. It can boost your brand’s presence through SERPs (search engine results page) by potentially placing your social media accounts at the top of the results page.

Hashtags talk to those who share the same values as you

While generic hashtags such as #food or #fun might be very broad and, as a result, have millions of hits, there are also niche hashtags which are only used by a select demographic. For instance, a book club company might utilize the hashtag #writerssociety or #bookishlife to target those who are serious readers. Social media is an abstract machine that offers a personalized slice to anyone who is looking for a community that talks to them. Such is the appeal, and if you are able to tap into those hidden communities (united by a hashtag), you will come out ahead of the herd.

It doesn’t work for all businesses

A word of warning: not all businesses will flourish through the use of hashtags. This could be due to their particular demographic, perhaps their customers are not huge users of social media, or simply are not part of the generation that does. Another consideration could be that the service is not Instagram-worthy. Products or services that do not have a photogenic appeal are less likely to be sourced through social media. Therefore, the best products to benefit from this method of marketing are fashion, beauty products, food and beverages, and the like.

Keywords are part and parcel of SEO

At the end of the day, keywords are part and parcel of SEO. It is a tried and tested method that suits all kinds of businesses, regardless of the products or services you offer. If you are unsure what keywords suit your brand best, you can seek out an SEO provider company that can help with that. Or, you can also opt for keyword generators. While it might not be as specialized or effective, it can give you a good idea on how to start.

However, it cannot be denied that social media is overtaking search engines, and SEO companies should be looking into social media optimization in order to keep up with the changing times.

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