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Should You Buy The Google Nexus Galaxy S4? 3 Factors To Consider

Google Nexus Galaxy S4

Google has turned the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 into the new Nexus phone. It means that you can have the out-of-the box pure Android experience in the most powerful phone in the market right now without rooting your device.

Now here is the dilemma: Is it worth dropping a hefty $649 just to enjoy the pure Jellybean experience on the Nexus Galaxy S4? Or should you just sign a 2-year contract with one of the carriers and get the regular Samsung Galaxy S4 for just $200?

The answer depends on how you will use your phone. Here are some factors you might want to consider if you’re thinking of buying it:

Your carrier

The Google Nexus Samsung S4 will only be supporting GSM networking technology so you will be kind of limited to only two major carriers, which are T-Mobile and AT&T.

AT&T, of course, has the larger network even at rural areas, which is really an advantage especially if you will be using the device as a mobile business phone. T-Mobile, on the other hand, can have spotty coverage when outside urban areas. T-Mobile’s edge over AT&T, however, is their lower cost of services.

If both AT&T and T-Mobile have poor coverage in your area, however, it might be better to just go for the regular Samsung Galaxy S4 on another carrier like Verizon.

The importance of timely updates

How important is getting the new Android updates for you? There are enthusiasts who are really into maximizing their Android experience. A lot of people resort to rooting their phones to remove the skins like Samsung’s Touchwiz. Once rooted, users are free to update it with any software they like.

If that is the case, you can probably opt to get the $200 Samsung Galaxy S4 that comes with a 2-year contract from one of the major carriers. After which, you can just root the device to remove Touchwiz and enjoy pure Android.

The problem with rooting Android phones, however, is that you risk voiding the warranty of your device. Carriers and device manufacturers are not really happy about customers who tamper with their products.

The Nexus Galaxy S4 lets you have the freedom of having pure Android in your device without worrying about trouble from the manufacturer or carrier for the price of $649.

If you’re just a casual fan who doesn’t really care much about the difference between each update, the regular Galaxy S4 complete with the Touchwiz skin is the better and more affordable option for you. Besides, this lets you enjoy the additional features that Samsung boastsof, which then brings us to the next factor.

Your attachment to features

Sure the Galaxy S4 is a powerful phone by itself. The international version has an 8-core Exynos chipset while the US version has a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor. Coupled with the latest Jellybean, it gives you one smooth user experience. However, a lot of the marketing Samsung has been doing have also been about the features set of the new Galaxy S4. Sure some of it are somewhat gimmicky, but there are interesting ones like the S-Translator, Air Gestures, Group Play, and S-Health.

These features are Samsung apps that come with the Touchwiz skin. If you opt to get the Nexus version, you will not have access to these features. You get pure Android and that is it. It will be up to you to fill it up.

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