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Are Smart Phones Moving to Replace Laptops?


The technology behind phones is evolving at an alarmingly rapid rate. We went from rotary phones to smart phones in just a couple of decades, and we are now able to send pictures, update Facebook profiles, and shoot video all from the palm of our hand. The hottest phone on the market today is packed with memory. It seems almost impossible to stay ahead. 

However, the smart phone’s importance has been undeniable, and many can’t see themselves functioning on a day to day basis without one, causing many to wonder if other electronics, such as laptops, are even necessary anymore.

Although the laptop may seem to be on its way out, there are a few things that you should consider about both electronic devices before you toss out your laptop.

What a Laptop Has That a Smart Phone Doesn’t

Sure, laptops are more cumbersome than a smart phone, but that doesn’t mean that they have lost their function entirely. Many smart phones aren’t able to function at the same capacity as some high end laptops, making them a great portable option for working professionals, especially for web designers, graphic designers, and others working with design software.

Other great features that laptops have that smart phones don’t include:

  • Full-size keyboards
  • Larger screens with richer graphics
  • Greater memory

Another consideration is that internet security software for laptops and PCs is more robust because there is more memory available for updates, definitions and background operations.

Digital Trends talks about these and other issues in its article “Why Your Smartphone Won’t Be Your Next PC“.

What Smart Phones Have that Laptops Don’t

In early 2013, the New York Daily News published an article talking about how smartphones seem to be taking over the world. There doesn’t seem to be a person alive who doesn’t own a smart phone today. Connectivity is the game everyone wants to be a part of. And while the laptop may have a keyboard and a big screen, many smart phones are able to offer features that make them almost more user friendly than a laptop.

Reasons why smart phones are slowly replacing laptops include:

  • Greater portability
  • Free Apps to help avoid paying for expensive software
  • Easier to micromanage numerous tasks at once

Laptops are also able to tap in to free Wi-Fi services and are generally a part of more inexpensive Internet provider plans. So while you may only pay $30 a month for your internet service for your laptop, you can expect to pay about $100 a month for your smart phone, though it will be able to make calls while sending emails. Also parts of laptops can be easily replaced if defect comes in them.For example if the laptop screen gets hazy you can replace your laptop screen without spending a huge amount.

Although people will forever want their large screens to perform work on, there is a good chance that the smart phone, or tablet, will replace most laptop functions in the near future. With smart phone apps becoming more and more developed, and little accessories such as improved keyboards becoming available, there is no doubt that a person will be able to type and send an email or blog post with a smart phone as easily as they would be able to with a laptop.

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