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5 Best SAT-NAV Apps For Your Smartphone

waze sat nav app 5 Best SAT-NAV Apps For Your Smartphone

Thankfully, the days of huge paper fold maps are gone, where your complete windshield was covered with your wingman totally confused while directing you the right way. Well, SAT-NAVs have tremendously taken over and are not going anywhere particularly when they have eased our lives so much. Interestingly, SAT-NAVs are the gadget that is must have for people those spends time on road. All they need is bit guidance so they can hence get the right one for themselves. To learn which apps are best for you, have a look to the list of best 5 SAT-NAV apps for your android, iPhone and windows phone.

CoPilot Live – UK and Ireland (for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile):

The price of this tag can never stop you purchasing the app and hence leading the list. Postcodes, addresses and places of your interest can be easily found using this app. You surely need not to panic in case taken a wrong turn as this app will recalculate the route instantly.

WAZE (for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile):

WAZE, the app is free of cost and generate the content from its 40 million users. This means that you will get useful information on congestion, fuel prices and speed cameras directly from the reliable sources. However its interface is not that great that looks like all the other SAT-NAV, but way simple for one to understand. Interestingly the best part is that all the maps and information are quite accurate.

TomTom UK and Ireland (for Android and iPhone):

In case you are looking for the best reliable brands of SAT-NAV present on the market, the app TomTom is the app merely for you from the best SAT-NAVS on the market. It succeeded to make a quick name for itself in terms of SAT-NAV scene plus has remained a most reliable company since. This app is very simple to operate and it can also use the contact list of your phone in order to find addresses. It offers visual guidance when someone wants to get somewhere, additionally with turn-by-turn audio navigation.

AA (for  iPhone):

Well, AA app used comprehensive 2D plus 3D maps in order to navigate the user to the exact point he or she is willing to reach. The phone calls do not tend to interrupt this app, since it gives nonstop turn-by-turn navigation in between the calls. In case you are willing to stop at some point for a night stay or for the food, the comprehensive database of this app recommend restaurants, hotels and more.

Google Maps (for Android and iPhone):

The android phones have Google Maps already installed plus the users of Apple can easily download this app free from the Apple Store. Majority of people use this app as navigational tool while they are on foot, hence such familiarities tends to makes it simple while driving.

Now navigating, when you are driving a car and want proper directions, would be easy for you when on the road.

The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips. She has in-depth knowledge about satellite navigation systems.  She is extremely passionate and loves to write Reviews on everything that interests her.

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