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Top 5 Agile Tools To Boost Software Development Productivity

Illustration - Software Developemnt Productivity

There are several top agile tools to boost software development productivity. It’s no secret that the application industry is rapidly growing. To keep up with the market growth, computer programmers need agile tools to automate their coding processes. Fortunately, software engineers have specifically designed resources to support efficient software development. As a team manager, you need to know the essential tools to implement in your pipeline. This way, your team can keep up with growing market demand. Read on to discover the top agile tools to boost software development productivity.

Sophisticated Text Editor

A proper sophisticated text editor is the first step towards more productive agile development. There are many development environments that provide a simple user-friendly interface to code your applications. For instance, Sublime Text offers a Goto Anything feature that allows you to open files with only a few key strokes. Plus, you can instantly jump to symbols, lines, or words. Specifically, you can type part of a file name to open it using the ctrl + P function. With the same keystroke, you can also type # to search within your files and : to go to a particular line number. Many alternate solutions offer new AI features that will help you write better. Certainly, with robust shortcut features, your team can save immense time as they code applications.

Source Code Workflow Tools

Next, you can implement source code workflow tools in your development pipeline to maximize your team’s productivity. For instance, GitHub offers one of the most advanced social coding and code sharing platforms. With this tool, your team can code together at the same time with other members on GitHub. This code sharing platform has over 28 million community members and 85 hosted repositories. If you choose to share your code publicly, these members can pull request patches and code reviews. With sophisticated collaboration in your source code workflow tools, you can build specialized software solutions.

Advanced Container Registry

In addition, an advanced container registry is another top agile tool to increase productivity in your SDLC. Container registries allow you to store images throughout your application development process. Certain container registries allow you to optimize your networking speed and access to files. For example, an Artifactory container registry by JFrog removes any issues related to network or connectivity when used on the Docker Hub. Then, you can access all of your Docker images through local repositories inside the container software. This way, a slow connection will never slow your team down. Thus, an advanced container registry is the perfect agile tool to increase your development productivity.

Project Management Platforms

Furthermore, project management platforms are essential top agile tools for any efficient development pipeline. The top platforms understand the best project management strategies for better resource allocation. Many of these applications provide advanced progress tracking capabilities. For example, some project management software use Scrum boards to provide a visual display of development cycle progress. Because all team members can access it at any time, everyone has clear priorities for their daily development work. It also offers a Sprint framework. With this feature, you can designate a certain amount of time to build a releasable project. The Scrum board then organizes your team’s work around this goal. Definitely, project management platforms are an essential agile tool for development teams to boost their productivity.

Continuous Integration Tools

Moreover, continuous integration (CI) tools are another agile software technology to increase development productivity. You can install a CI server to automate your repository code integration. For instance, an automation server allows for easy development with CI automation. Once installed, you can utilize CI plugins to integrate other tools into your development stages. With access to over 1,000 plugins, you can certainly automate your building, documentation, testing, and other development stages. This automation is key to early bug detection and faster program build procedures. In short, continuous integration tools are among the top and most necessary agile technologies to maximize productivity.

These are several top agile tools to boost software development productivity. A sophisticated text editor provides efficient short cuts to code your applications faster. Next, source code workflow tools provide unique code collaboration opportunities to create high-quality apps more efficiently. In addition, an advanced container registries solves connectivity issues and provides optimal image storage. Moreover, CI tools can automate integration into your repositories for a quicker delivery pipeline. Furthermore, project management platforms utilize boards to track your progress and prioritize your workloads. Integrating these agile tools will definitely boost your team’s software development productivity.

Author -  Boris Dzhingarov

Boris Dzhingarov

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