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7 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Ways to improve your social media marketing

Brands and products rely heavily on marketing to reach people and make sales. A good marketing strategy will work wonders for your brand. Nowadays, there are many tools and platforms available for digital marketers.

Choosing the right marketing platform and an effective strategy will lead to positive results. One of the best marketing platforms is social media. The numbers show that over half of the world’s population uses social media apps or services.

However, the big question is, where do you start? Do you focus on Facebook and Instagram alone? Competition is also stiff, with brands investing more money in social media marketing. This guide shares handy tips for social media marketing.

Look at the Numbers

These days, there are plenty of social media platforms. Some of the sites you may not have heard of, but they are hoping to get the attention of marketers. However, you cannot run ads on all social media sites.

Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are the kings of social media. For example, Facebook has over 2.9 billion registered users. The best tip is to focus your efforts on two and learn everything about it.

For example, you can look out for Facebook marketing guides. These guides will help you know how marketing works on social media, what ads to run, and how to work with social media influencers.

Quality Content

Trending on social media platforms is hard, and even big businesses struggle with running ads sometimes. However, consistency is essential if you want to hack social media marketing. Be consistent in creating quality posts and engaging with your followers.

Also, analyze your target audience so that you can create relevant posts. Create content that is relevant to your brand or product. The goal of your content should be to inform and generate engagement from your followers.

You can improve your social media game by partnering with a marketing agency. For instance, if you have a SaaS product, partnering with a marketing agency such as Rocket SaaS, can significantly improve your social media presence. They can produce high quality posts that create brand awareness for your product or service. A good social media presence will help your business get ahead of other competitors in the market.

Word of caution, avoid using clickbait on your social media posts or hopping on trending topics that may stain your brand’s name.

Hire a Social Media Manager

In the early to mid-2000s, social media managers were unheard of. Nowadays, it is one of the most lucrative online jobs, and renowned institutions such as Google offer courses on it. Lead nurturing is essential when it comes to social media marketing.

A good social media manager will handle your social media account. They will answer questions from your followers. They will also work with the creative team to develop content for your page or account.  

Invest in Influencers

Social media influencers can be regular people on the internet or celebrities with a huge following. Running social media campaigns can be effective for marketing different types of products.

The rates for social media influencers may vary depending on various factors. You can engage with the influencers directly or through marketing agencies. The rates could be a blanket for the whole marketing campaign period.

On the other hand, some influencers may charge per post. They will create a post (video or photo) and tag your social media handles.

Regular Social Media Giveaways

Everyone likes gifts and freebies. You can run periodic challenges to boost engagement levels on your social media pages. Many people will participate, increasing the visibility of your product and brand.

For instance, you can challenge your followers to post about the feature on which of your SaaS product they like the most. They should also tag your brand page and include a specific hashtag. The follower with the highest number of likes or comments on the post gets the freebies.

Choose a prize that is relevant to your followers. For instance, a free 12-month subscription for your SaaS product. Branded swag such as water bottles, t-shirts, and caps are also good choices. Great giveaways will raise awareness of your brand and bring in more sales.

Create High-Quality Graphics

Excellent graphics will catch the attention of social media users. Remember, there is high competition for attention, and users will scroll past anything that doesn’t look pleasing to the eye. The graphics can be either posters or short-form videos.

Recent studies show that most social media users prefer visuals over text. Visuals representing stats are also very engaging and preferred by many social media users. You can use the posters to deliver complex features about your product.

There are plenty of tools that you can use to make simple graphics, and one of the best is Canva. However, you can also hire a professional designer if you want to have that classic touch on your posters and videos.

Run Live QA Sessions

Selling products online can be challenging. You have to show potential clients what solutions your product is offering before they can buy it. Videos are a good way of demonstrating this to your clients.

However, live QA sessions are also great because they are engaging. During the sessions, you can ask your followers to post their questions in the comment section. Your marketing and technical team will answer the questions during the session.

Wrapping Up

These social media marketing tips will help you reach a wider audience and generate more leads. Social media marketing can be very effective if done the right way. Small brands with a low following may have to invest more in paid ads and sponsored posts.

Almost all social media platforms have analytics tools. These tools will help you monitor how your posts are performing in terms of impressions, new followers, and profile visits. You can also tell which posts did well during that campaign period.

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