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What is Wi-Fi?


Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that allows electronic equipment to connect to the internet with the help of radio waves. It is the most popular means of connecting to a network and accessing the internet. The benefits of Wi-Fi are substantial, the most important benefit being that the internet can be accessed wirelessly and the data exchange can take place without connecting cables.

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A wireless router that usually specifies the point of access has a particular range, the frequency and amplitude of which can be enhanced with the help of antennas. The access points are also referred to as hotspots. Electronic devices that are within range can connect to the router which is set up via or and subsequently access the internet indirectly with the help of a modem that is connected to the router. The modem that is connected to the router features a high speed connection to provide for faster access speeds. Wi-Fi routers usually have a range of about two hundred feet without the influence of boosters or antennas.

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The technology was first brought explicated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and released with the assistance of the Wi-Fi alliance, a body that spearheaded the commercialization of the technology in the year 1997. Any device that makes use of the IEEE 802.11 standard of connections is said to be accessing the internet or network through the Wi-Fi. Only Products that are certified by Wi-Fi alliance can use the ‘Wi-Fi certified’ trademark.

The advantages of Wi-Fi are many. Firstly, in outdoor areas where wires cannot be used, Wi-Fi comes in handy. Also, with the advent of the Wi-Fi, the use of cables has been totally avoided. In places where cables cannot run, Wi-Fi holds the key in connecting to the internet. Secondly, the speed of accessing the internet through a wireless network is much faster than accessing the internet via the broadband facility. Internet speeds have changed drastically with the onset of the Wi-Fi. Thirdly, a device that is Wi-Fi enabled can access the internet anywhere in the world, wherever it is, by connecting to the access point. This feature has revolutionized internet access and technology. Lastly, the router is programmed to allow maximum security for the networks that are created by providing for Wi-Fi protected access (WPA). This feature allows devices to connect at the behest of a passkey, thereby ensuring the privacy of the network.

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