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Will Brexit Have Any Effect on Data Recovery?

Brexit British Exit

The recent Brexit decision where the UK decided to leave the European Union has caused a great deal of controversy in many industries where professionals are trying to ascertain how the new legislation will affect their business practices in the long term. One particular industry that is asking questions is businesses that have data recovery and storage facilities.

Data brings up a rather unique perspective to the Brexit agreement because it is not necessarily what is traditionally defined as a tangible good. Data, in general, has many legal complexities; however, how these legal complexities are relevant to the Brexit relates to whose data is being referenced and where the data is being stored.

Many UK professional companies are under the impression that they are not subject to the European Union data recovery laws in the wake of the Brexit; however, in some aspects they actually are. The reason for this is that there are a plethora of European Union consumers who do business with UK companies. Additionally, there are UK residents who did business with these companies before the Brexit went into effect. Thus, there are two possible avenues where UK companies will have to follow European Union data recovery laws. For example, CyberCall laptop repair Bristol owned by Adrian Jean provide data recovery and laptop repair services on contracts with EU citizens visiting the UK, now that these laws will differ the contracts will need to be revised.

EU laws on data and relationships

First, to examine the European Union consumer who chooses to do business with a UK company, the company has to realize that the European Union will still legally be able to protect the data recovery potential of their own citizens because that is how the legislation is drafted. Additionally, the UK, even though they have left the European Union, will opt to respect European Union laws that are designed to protect European Union citizens in the effort to maintain positive trading relationships across the board with European Union member nations.

Second, regarding the UK consumer that was previously subject to the European Union data recovery laws before the Brexit went into effect will still also likely be protected by that legislation. The argument here is efficiency. Given that the UK has to restructure their entire trading relationship with the European Union, they are going to realistically have target areas that have priority. Prior legislation will not be touched, but future legislation will be more important to policy makers.

Bearing these two arguments in mind, UK companies need to obtain legal counsel to ensure that their business is meeting the proper requirements for data recovery purposes. This should be considered as an insurance policy for their company to not incur liability and/or expensive lawsuits down the road due to technicalities surrounding the convoluted nature of the Brexit and its potential impact on data recovery across the board.

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