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How to Improve Your Broadband Connection Speed

Improve Your Broadband Connection Speed

Having a slow internet connection can be really frustrating, especially if you really on a decent broadband speed for work or important correspondence. It’s easy to blame your broadband provider for a sluggish connection, but there are in fact many reasons why your broadband could be acting up. Old hardware, the wrong settings, something blocking your router; all of these things can have an impact. Here are 5 things to consider if your broadband is driving you bonkers:

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi is Password Protected

If there are too many people on your network, this could be slowing down your broadband speeds dramatically. If you haven’t made sure that your Wi-Fi connection is password protected, anyone could be logging onto your network without you even knowing it. Most routers are automatically password protected, but it is worth checking this if you are not sure. Simply log in to you router settings and set up a password to secure your Wi-Fi. If you are unsure how to do this, take a look at the side of your router: does it have instructions? If not, contact your broadband provider for more information.

Improve Your Broadband Connection Speed

Spring Clean Your Computer

Along with multiple users eating into your precious broadband speed, multiple applications being run by a single user can also have a big affect on speed. You might not even know you are using many of these applications. To find out which applications you are using, open your task manager and see what’s running (CTRL + ALT + DELETE on a PC). Popular streaming services like Spotify can be pretty bandwidth heavy, so if you’re not actively using them, turn them off!

Is your router in the right place?

Broadband routers aren’t always the most attractive devices, causing some people to hide them away in cupboards, or behind large household objects. This can seriously affect the strength of your broadband signal. Try moving your router if you are experiencing slow or unreliable broadband signal, you might be surprised by the things that can interfere with it. If you can, try putting your router up high. There are also smart routers, specially designed to cope with interference.

Boost Your Signal with a Powerline Adapter

Extend broadband around your home with a powerline adapter, which are widely available. These nifty gadgets work by using the electricity powerlines in your house to boost your signal (hence the name). It is a good idea to have one of these if you regularly download lots of music and rich media – it can really speed things up!

Compare Providers and Switch Broadband Deals

Have you tried all of the above solutions? If you have done all of this and nothing has worked, then you should probably consider switching provider. It doesn’t take long to compare and contrast different offers using online broadband deal sites. The top providers should be able to do a quick speed test to inform you what kind of speeds you can expect.

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Images by Steve A Johnson and FredCintra used under Creative Commons License.

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