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Windows Live Mail: Access Multiple E-mail Accounts In One Place

windowslivemail Windows Live Mail: Access Multiple E-mail Accounts In One Place

How many email accounts do you own?… How would you like to access multiple email accounts in just one place?… Most of us own more than one email account and it is a hassle to keep track of all of them.

windowslivemail Windows Live Mail: Access Multiple E-mail Accounts In One Place

Windows Live Mail is one of the free Windows Live services from Microsoft. It is an email program that you install on your PC. It’s like Windows Mail in your Windows Vista, Outlook Express on Windows XP, and Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Only much better. Window Live Mail allows you to access multiple email accounts from your favorite web-based email services. You can send and receive emails without having to open many windows on your web browser to log in to different accounts. Other cool features include integration with other Windows Live services such as Windows Live Spaces (it allows you to post a new blog entry on your Windows Live Space) and Windows Live Messenger (it allows you to start a conversation right from your inbox). It even gets the latest information from your favorite websites and blogs delivered right to your inbox with its built-in RSS feed reader.

I installed Windows Live Mail on my PC and I am using it to access my four email accounts which include Hotmail and Gmail. I was really impressed with its clean design and easy-to-use interface where you can drag, drop and organize your emails. You can even change its layout and color scheme.

It also has a neat feature called Quick Views that allows you to view mails from all your different accounts in one location, rather than having to switch between folders in your folder list.

windowslivemail2 Windows Live Mail: Access Multiple E-mail Accounts In One Place

Sending photos becomes much more convenient, too. Instead of large file attachments, Windows Live Mail sends thumbnails. Recipients can also view the full size your photos in an online slideshow and download the high-resolution photos that they want.

Another great thing with Windows Live Mail is that you can read messages offline once all the new messages from your different email accounts have been downloaded.

POP Configuration

There are two ways Windows Live Mail can access your web-based email. By POP access or IMAP access. Normally, POP access would suffice. Enable POP Access to your email for Windows Live Mail to work. To activate it, just go to your email’s Settings, Options, and select POP. Windows Live Mail operates with most web-based and ISP email, as long as the email provider offers POP or IMAP access.

Gmail offers POP and IMAP access while Yahoo! Mail offers POP and IMAP access to premium Yahoo! accounts only. For Hotmail, only email address and password is required.

To download Windows Live Mail, click here; or visit http://get.live.com/wlmail/overview for more info.

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8 thoughts on “Windows Live Mail: Access Multiple E-mail Accounts In One Place”

  1. Readers might want to try our simple system for aggregating multiple emails in one place. On top of it you get worldwide SMS, video chatting, IM and VoiP. Indispensable for people on the move who can readily access all the tools from any web-connected PC, laptop etc.

  2. My system is WIN/XP-SP3. My wife as her own WINXP login as I do I. For months I have had a configuration that allows me to have the OE6 configuration in my account “see” all our email accounts (four) including the one my wife employs.

    So in my user login I can see all four accounts and in her login I can see her account, as she only employs her own. In my login, I see four email accounts: email-1, email-2, email-3 and email-4. In her account I can see email-4

    Now for the saga as OE6 went belly up for some inexplicable reason. And while I have some measure of skill and tinkered for a while, I could not deduce a suitable fix.

    In desperation, I loaded and activated the Windows Live Mail software and then activated all four email accounts in my user login space. (Yes, along the way, I recovered all emails from the OE DBX files via the DBXpress software product.)

    Next I logged into my wife’s account but could not access any files with the recovered emails. As a matter of fact WLM would not allow me to activate an already activated email account in her login space indicating that it could not change the registry. Yes, I played with the Store Folder option in WLM. Along the way I saved and copied emails and also moved all the identities into a common space on a disk and into an area other than C:\Documents and Settings\user name\. The new store is I:\WLM Store, with sub-folders for all four email accounts.

    At this moment, I can see my three email accounts in my login space, but I must log off my user id and login to my wife’s user id to see and access her email account.

    Is there a solution path for me or is the nature of WLM that nothing will work?

    Thanks much.


  3. For work with outlook express files,advise try-view dbx files,this tool has not little features,also it is free,software will analyze these corresponding files of dbx format and extract messages, if it is possible,program attempts to retrieve messages and save restored emails to your HDD or any other removable media,also with other mailbox recovery solutions and make sure, that this program works better.

  4. At work with mails i usually use this utility-outlook express corrupt dbx,it is free as far as i know,tool permits to unpack dbx files, where Outlook Express keeps your messages and to retrieve separate files in eml format, that can be restored without errors,program is compatible with Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista,program is working in a batch mode and this tool processes very large dbx files, it is better to launch this program on more efficient workstations for fixing Outlook Express corrupted dbx files and Outlook Express dbx corrupt,all emails will be retrieved separately, users can open these files with any email client, compatible with Outlook Express.

  5. Having a problem with Wi.Live mail! I have three diferent accounts, when mail is sent to one, all three receive the mail. Is there a way that the mail only goes to its respective account? This has started recently! Thanks if you can help.

  6. OK before I uninstall Windows Live Mail, I had a quick question… when Windows Live Mail installed, it created a seperate Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Junk Email and Deleted Items folder for EACH of my mail accounts which is redundant and annoying. Is there any EASY way to have this function like Windows Mail / Outlook Express where everything goes into ONE Inbox so I can create my message rules and route them where I want. I dont need or want a bunch of reduntant folders cluttering my mail program. Please help!

    1. You can try using the “Quick Views” located at the top of your Windows Live Mail left panel. Quick Views lets you view items from all of your email accounts. To configuring the settings for the “Quick Views”, mouse over on the Quick views heading’s right-most part so that the setting/tool icon will appear. Then click the setting icon to show Quick views options.

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