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How To Write Captivating Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

Write Captivating Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

Despite the rumor that Facebook’s reach is decreasing because of the rise of other social media platforms, stats make it pretty clear it’s not going out of the market any time soon. 

Instead, the increasing users present the platform as a potential place for marketing, beneficial for B2C and B2B markets. As a result, savvy marketers employ Facebook for advertising purposes with an organic reach. 

However, it takes a lot to create compelling Facebook ad copy that converts. Things can get complicated, from discovering the fit audience to collecting great videos and images that compel people to visit your site, especially if you aren’t aware of the working tactics. 

Thus it is always better to seek help from a social media marketing agency to ascertain the right value of time and money invested. 

Why Facebook Advertising?

With 2.89 billion active users, Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform. These numbers make it pretty obvious the potential of the forum. 

The key to the success of advertising on such a platform is targeting. This targeting enables you to get super explicit about the kind of audience your ad reaches. However, sending an ad out into the void doesn’t guarantee many conversions. 

So to help you make the best out of your invested time and money, today, I’m focusing on sharing some tactics to write great Facebook ads that convert. 

Make sure you make it to the end to make the most out of your next Facebook ad copy.

Tactics for Writing Best Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

Utilizing the Facebook Targeting to Grab the Right Audience

It seems pretty tempting to present stuff as if you are in the spotlight when selling online. But to make sure your words reach the right ears and bind them to click through and visit your site, you need to write as though you’re communicating to one person—and one person alone. 

You should plan to curate the post as if you need to woo and persuade that one person. Similar to the thought one would have while selling in-person. 

Strengthening your reach. On Facebook, you can narrow the genre of targeted audience and dedicate your time to writing ads that solely speak to that section of the audience. You have to write a copy about all possible customers visiting your website. 

Ensure Your Facebook Ad Copy Works out with Your Visual

Businesses, particularly those working in B2B space, often don’t have the right visuals in hand. Thus, they scramble when they reach the point where they are all set to get done with their ad. 

Lack of the right images binds them to select from the available ones, even if that doesn’t go together with the copy. As a result, a staggering experience is germinated for the Facebook user. 

Misplacement or misuse of images that don’t line up with copy can change the entire meaning of the advertising. Thus making it less likely to be clicked; the result? All of the work is wasted. 

If you are struggling to create that one-right image for your Facebook ad, you can take the help of online image tools like Canva.

Write Separate Facebook Ads for Different People

This tact works in hand with the concept of targeting. Your customer looks up to you for various reasons, so why would you hand them over one single ad? Social media’s strength is their ability to target, hence make sure you don’t exercise your ad as a replacement for billboards. 

For instance, imagine you have a social media agency in the UK; you provide multiple services, including content creation and online advertisement. Many clients would be interested in all the services you offer, but some will seek one particular to fill in their needs. 

Thus creating separate ads via understanding the needs of different clients can help reach the right audience.

Focus on Call-to-Action

The most effective Facebook ads are the ones that have a clear goal. Whether you are trying to increase your sales or create brand awareness, your intention to make the ad must have a clear call to action. Without this, the Facebook user might see your ad but not comprehend what they are supposed to do next. 

To make your ad effective, you need to confer a lot more than an image of a pleasant iPhone case. For instance, you sell iPhone cases and show off your product via Facebook ads. To be precise, something like a call to action button, a shop now button should be added. A bait that tells the user that they are just a click away. 

Use a Literature that’s Easy to Comprehend

While writing a Facebook ad, your number one preference should be creating content that is easy to comprehend. You might be a poet in college, but it is important to understand not everyone possesses the same knowledge. 

An ad is said to be effective if a view grabs the following things at first glance:

  • What is being offered
  • How would it benefits them
  • What are they supposed to do next

Keep it Concise and Lead with Value

Simply put, you are paying for an ad to tempt consumers to cram in as much as possible. Thus, you have to explain what the ad is about and how your product will benefit them. Yes, detailed explanation helps acquire in-depth knowledge, but that’s not the case for Facebook ads. 

Facebook ads need to be concise and equally clear, as both factors have an equal part in success. 

Bottom Line

The only way to enhance your Facebook ad copy is by repeatedly working till you grasp the main points. Yet remember, experience is the only way to ensure the copywriting is working. 

Try running multiple ads with a different copy but the same image to evaluate which one attracts more audience. This would help you when you work on a copy the next time. 

illustration: Online illustrations by Storyset

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