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3 Basic Steps to Manage your Social Media Effectively with WordPress

3 Basic Steps to Manage your Social Media Effectively

Having to manage multiple accounts, interacting with your visitors and maintaining the quality of the posted material can be really challenging, and it often requires a team of people focused on that task solely. Luckily for you, WordPress has a set of plugins and various tools that may help you with your social media management. As in any industry, automation of repetitive tasks and processes is something that is necessary even with social media marketing. Following the old saying – time is money; you can imagine how much could be saved from automating a process like regular social network marketing. In this article, we will go through a few basic tips that may help you use your WordPress as an incredibly powerful social media tool.

Make enticing content

The first step is, of course, the creation of content. But not just any content, it should be proper content. Having it prepared and optimized for search engines is great, but it should also be done in such a way so it ensures it will be shared.  The content should be useful, informative or interesting for your readers to share.  This step should be applied whether you use WordPress or not.

Managing to master the content making is a skill that requires certain time to develop, but it is a skill that can be learned. You can go through the content that made you react, and that you found enticing, and you can analyze it in detail. See which points “pushed your buttons” and why you’ve remembered it. Content analyzing will make you understand it better, and soon you will make viral posts by yourself.

Choose target networks

There are different strategies you need to consider when it comes to different social networks. Formatting your WordPress content for different social networks and platforms should be done in specific ways if you wish to maximize its potential and reach.

For Facebook placement, your content needs to be gripping and attract attention in a split second. Most of the Facebook users will first notice the image you’ve placed, so make sure you’re using the right material. Make sure your content is properly aligned and that the design of the post matches Facebook’s standards, as any changes may result in an unnatural presentation.

Twitter and its limited 140 characters have their own set of challenges, but Twitter should mainly be observed as the best traffic router to your site. With this in mind, your Twitter content should be promotional, but very short and summed up as fast as possible, with only the information that will pull in the visitors.

Through LinkedIn you get to approach more sensitive and more specific audiences, so your posts and content must be both professional and customer-appealing. Formatting the content for LinkedIn works in a similar way as it does for other social networks, but the content displayed here will have a more significant reach as it comes to professional reach.

Use WordPress social media plugins

Experts from Webdel WordPress Development Sydney have noted that most of the social networks have the similar approach when it comes to content editing and publishing, and all of them are compatible with WordPress and its various plugins that can help in the social media marketing process. In order to fully automate the process of social media posting, and scheduling, as well as the process of editing and researching old and similar posts, we’ve selected some of the most praised plugins, used by WordPress to handle social media management.

  • WordPress to Buffer – This is a very popular social media tools that allow you to schedule your posts for different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. It allows automatic adding of new posts that get shared by the predefined schedule. It’s incredibly easy to use, and it covers all of the major social networks.

  • Revive Old Post – This is an amazing plugin that helps you post regularly across multiple social networks and through various accounts. It also helps you re-share old posts and keeps old social media accounts alive and functional. It engages users to visit the main website and it helps with proper post schedule. Very easy to install and master.

  • CoSchedule – is practically an all-in-one calendar that helps you take care of both your blog posts and social media through a very simple interface. Paid version has support for extra team members and other social networks, which are not covered in a free version.

Wrap up

In order to properly manage your social media with WordPress and its plugins, you need to make sure you follow the 3 basic steps we’ve covered here: create enticing content, define a network strategy and automate the social media process with WordPress plugins.  It will help you connect with your readers and gain more social media followers for your site or brand.

Is there anything you’d like to add? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Photo: Jan Kahánek

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