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3 High Tech Gadgets That Make Life Easier


We live in an age where technology rules. Nearly every home in the United States has some form of technology. The most common form of technology are computers with Internet access. Each family, however, finds the need for specific high tech gadgets to make their life complete. Without these gadgets, certain aspects of daily living may be more complex and for some families seem nearly impossible. If you are wondering what gadgets make life complete and easier to handle, then here are the top three must haves for your high tech lifestyle.



A smartphone is the number one high tech gadget that makes life complete. This gadget is more than just a mere cell phone. Smartphone handles email, cell phone service, instant messaging, web surfing, news feeds, scheduling and for some people manages their entire lifestyle. In fact, some freelance business owners have referred to their smartphone as their brain on the go or as their personal assistant. A smartphone can vary in price from under $100 to as much as $400 depending on its features. Of course, as with any cellular phone, you will have to purchase a phone plan. The main difference with a smartphone plan versus a standard cellular service plan is the data. Smartphones handle the vast majority of their features by using Internet based data. Maps, GPS, WiFi signals and certain applications require that the phone be connected to the Internet and therefore a data plan is needed.

eBook reader


When E-Readers were first introduced, the publishing world feared their time was nearing the end. Now, with Kindles and Nooks in nearly every home across the world the publishing industry is finding that the only change was how the publications were delivered. For people who own one of these high tech gadgets, their first statement regarding them is usually that they would not know what to do without them. E-Readers have changed the face of how we read newspapers, online articles, books and magazines. They have also made it possible for us to carry a virtual library with us wherever we go. Without these gadgets, society may not be as connected as we are this moment.

Another aspect of E-Readers that makes them part of this list is how they make life complete for many writers. Before E-Readers the idea of self-publishing was barely discussed. If you wanted to self-publish a small book or novel, you would only be doing so to reach a small section of people. You would never dream of reaching thousands or millions much less making a substantial income from the endeavor. With E-Readers you can self-publish, not just one e-book, but dozens a year and create an entire stream of income.



Tablets combine the best aspects of laptops and E-Readers into one concise device. Tablets allow people to surf  the net, access email, stay in contact with loved ones and maintain contact with businesses across the globe. They act as a personal assistant, communication device, newspaper, book, magazine subscription service and entertainment gadget with ease. Without tablets, many people would be lost in today’s high-tech age. In fact, tablets are one of the leading discussion and news topics on the gadget and high tech news and information website, Gnome Gadget.

About the auhtor: The author Michelle, writes about technology and modern gadgets. She suggests Gadget Gnome for news and information on gadgets.

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