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Everest – An App To Help You Live Your Dreams And Achieve Personal Goals

Everest iPhone App Everest - An App To Help You Live Your Dreams And Achieve Personal Goals

What if you could download an app that made you feel healthier, or smarter, or happier? What if there was an app out here that could help you reach your dreams by breaking them down into digestible (and most importantly, achievable) steps. It almost sounds like an Orwellian idea, an application having such a massive influence and implications on the life of the individual, but there is such an app out there and it’s making big waves with iPhone users.

Everest is the iPhone app that helps users to combine genuine inspiration with fluid organization and peer support, helping them to create step by step processes for achieving their goals. Whether you want to lose weight and get in shape, or start a business, or of course climb Mount Everest then you can be sure that this app is the answer for you.

Everest iPhone App

Creating a Society of Da Vinci’s

Every single day people around the world make commitments to goals that they simply never achieve because although they have the inspiration they tend to lack the vision and the dedication needed to see things through. Life tends to get in the way of our grand dreams and the things we wish we could do end up being replaced with the things that we all think we should do.

The creators behind the Everest app wanted to create a product that would help people realize their potential, as they feel that human potential is the biggest untapped resource on the planet. That certainly sounds like a grandiose and encouraging statement that fills an individual with feel good feelings.”

When creating the Everest, the legend that is Leonardo da Vinci was kept in the forefront of the developers minds. Da Vinci accomplished more in a single lifetime than most people would complete in ten. He created countless inventions, painted magnificent masterpieces, developed cutting edge maps and technology and was considered one of the world’s most valuable advisors.

Everest was developed with one question in mind, and that question was ‘what resources need to be provided in order to create a society of Da Vinci’s?’ Clearly the value and sense of accomplishment that this would bring to not just the individual but to society at large would be incredible.

Find Your Own Inspirations and Be Inspired by Others

As well as providing users with the tools needed to develop your own inspirations and carefully plan the accomplishment of your own dreams, Everest provides you with a platform that allows you to be inspired by the dreams of others.

Public challenges are shared around users via a feed, enabling you to jump start your own dreams based on the input of another user.

One of the most daunting and difficult aspects of Everest is completing the steps that get you from where you are to where you want to be in life. This methodical approach to the problem removes the wishy washy ‘one day I’ll…’ part of having a dream and actually gets you to think about and set realistic small steps that will carry you to the goal of your choice.

With each step you crate you can set up reminders in the form of push notifications, helping to keep you focused and fixated on achieving your dreams.

If you have a dream and if you own an iPhone then download Everest today and start mapping out your route to a better and happier life.

This is a guest post by Frank Taber who works with Azoft – a mobile development company.

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