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5 Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

Augmented Reality iPhone Apps

When you are downloading apps for your iPhone, the best technology is usually hard to find. Most of us are inundated with things like Angry Birds, Mint, and FourSquare occupying our iOS screens. It may seem like the iPhone, and most cell phones, are one dimensional devices which require our full attention span in order to properly function.

There is a new trend among app developers to incorporate augmented reality into their projects. By using the camera, GPS, and gyroscopes in your iPhone you can get an actual glimpse into what life might be like if you were The Terminator. Augmented reality allows you to actually alter what you are seeing on your phone and participate in a virtual reality that no one else gets to see. Here are the best ways to implement this technology on your own iPhone:

1. Car Finder

iPhone App Car Finder

The Business Insider website documents an extremely conventional app that allows you to use your phone’s GPS compass to lock down where you parked your vehicle. The best part about this app is that it is a free service provided through Apple. If you ever get to work at 9am and don’t remember where your car is parked at 6:30pm this is a must have app for you.

2. GunApp

iPhone App - GunApp

Imagine going to the shooting range in the comfort of your own office. With this app from developer Felix Khazin, you can access a whole range of militaty arsenal and use your phone to aim it at the closest wall, desk, or dart board in your workspace. The app also has realistic sounds that replicate the feel of wielding an actual firearm.

3. ARSoccer

iPhone App - ARSoccer

This little piece of software, like the GunApp, is also a bonafide time waster. You can point your iPhone’s camera at your feet and kick around a virtual soccer ball. While it is an extremely fun and innovative game; it can be extremely dangerous when you are walking in the street or veering dangerously close to a light pole.

4. Yelp

iPhone Yelp- ARSoccer

According to social media site Mashable, Yelp was the first company to use augmented reality in the app development. By using this iPhone tool you can walk through a neighborhood and find Yelp reviews about all of the restaurants around the place. This is the perfect piece of software for people who are hungry in an unfamiliar place.

5. Wikitude

iPhone Yelp- Wikitude

Wikipedia has actually taken a step ahead of technology and made QR codes a thing of the past. With the Wikitude app you can point your phone at landmarks and locations in order to get Wikipedia entries and other relevant content about your locations. With geo-tagged meta data becoming more popular with websites, the Wikitude app will revolutionize the way we gather information.

Augmented reality has only just begun to innovate itself and become part of our culture. Keep informed to iTunes and blogs for the latest mind-blowing advances in this technology.

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