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5 Content Marketing Trends for 2016

Content Marketing

Since content marketing renewed its popularity and became the greatest way of advertising, it has been evolving and adapting to new changes. Many content marketers have to analyze subjects and situations at an increased rate, for the competition is huge and the rate at which it grows is enormous. In order to stay ahead of the competition, there are certain marketing trends which you should follow this year. Here is a list of the 5 content marketing trends that will leave the biggest mark in 2016.

Adapting to new Technologies

Gadgets and devices are evolving and constantly changing, and in the past decade this evolution keeps getting faster and faster. Everything that was popular in 2014 is already forbidden, and by the end of 2016, we will see the same thing happen to the 2015-tech. Smart devices such as Google Glass and Apple watch are being developed and almost all corporate giants are working on delivering something similar.

Soon, these smart devices will totally replace our smartphones which are currently being used as our main platform for web browsing and communication. Adapting to these changes will give you advantage over your competition and make you a better content marketer.

Algorithms are Changing

As we have seen last year and the year before that, Google has been releasing new algorithms and updating them in order to process and filter the search. Namely, new ad and video filters have been added; keyword search has also gained a few new updates. Not only that, but many journalistic algorithms are capable of producing articles about topics such as weather, sports, world news, etc.

There have already been a few cases where an article was written and published by robotic algorithm. Freelancers are forced to become better at what they do, and only true wordsmiths will have a chance to compete against this new technology. It is only matters of time before these algorithms connect with Google news and start creating articles based on the info provided online, which might completely replace a decent-skilled freelancer.

Content Gains new Shape

Content as we know it will become history. New forms of content such as video, pictures and other customizable content will replace the dull and boring ones. Still, as we can see from the Online Marketing Gurus case studies, a combination of SEO, Google Analytics and great content is what success looks like. I am sure you can find useful information regarding SEO and content marketing, especially on the blog. You will notice that a way of creating good marketing strategies is by combining reasonable link building and content marketing.

A great content marketer distinguishes himself by implementing this in order to create interactive and engaging content for his business. Since content is still the best way to attract customers and viewers, spending more time and resources on your content marketing strategy should be a priority. With Oculus rift and other Virtual reality systems being unveiled, content might get a new way of interactivity. All that is left is to wait and see how creative content marketers can be.

Social Media’s new Publishing Methods

Lately, we have seen that the articles and posts on Facebook have gained more popularity, shares and views than they have on their native websites. Having realized that, Facebook added an alternative; publishers have been given the option to immediately publish their content on Facebook. This is done with Instant Articles. Google is following these steps, and soon we will see new ways of publishing content which might lead to closing down of many popular blogs and websites.

Visual Mediums are a Necessity

Another thing that has been gaining popularity lately is visual medium. Its popularity will continue to rise and become more important as Internet and wireless continue to spread virally. This gives people to access images and videos even when on the go, and the written content becomes more saturated, giving advantage to interactive and visual content. In 2016, the demand for visual content will be higher than ever, and we might even end up seeing new types of visual content.

2016 will definitely bring new changes in terms of upgrading one’s content marketing strategy. The game is changing, and with it the rules of play. Content marketers are going to have to come up with new marketing strategies while implementing these ever-evolving changes, in order to stay in the game and ahead of the competition.

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