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5 Effective Ways To Brand Your Company Offline

Offline Branding - Offline Marketing

With the growth of digital marketing, many companies can overlook the effectiveness of offline branding. When combined with a strong digital strategy, offline branding can boost awareness and visibility. As a marketing professional, you can learn from the strategies and techniques other brands are using to connect with customers offline. If you can keep you marketing efforts consistent, an offline branding strategy can prove to be highly effective. Read on to learn how these brands used offline marketing tactics to reach more customers.


One of the best ways to promote your company offline, sponsoring events bring together people who have common interests. The company New Relic sponsored a Hackathon event. While programmers got together to write code online, they were very much interacting offline as well. As you can imagine, New Relic was able to create a significant amount of brand awareness to a high end target market that they would like to market to. Moreover, the event creates new direct opportunities for business, solutions or partnerships. Certainly, they have utilized a smart offline branding strategy that supports their overall company goals.


In the fast moving consumer goods industry, branding online and offline is essential. In order to make their offline presence more interactive, Coca-Cola introduced interactive kiosks for branding purposes. The kiosks are digital displays on the front of vending machines or standalone locations. People can touch the screen to learn about the various drinks and selections available. Moreover, Coca-cola uses the digital space offline to run interesting ads that catch the attention of passersby. Moreover, they include celebrity endorsements and advertisements that promote the brand further. This is a bold move into branding companies offline with the use of kiosks and digital displays.


Next, Rebrandly provides another great example of offline branding. Using link shorteners and multiple domain names, they show how many companies are printing their branded links on t-shirts. These are highly effective offline branding tactics if you give away t-shirts at conferences or events. People are likely to see them and take an action by visiting that link. This is a great example of how offline marketing can complement a strong digital strategy. Moreover, branded links are easy to remember and incorporate into your offline strategy. If you want to giveaway t-shirts to increase offline brand awareness, remember to add a branded link to connect people to your digital marketing efforts too.


If you would like to create unique offline marketing items, https://www.gearheartindustry.com/ shows us how many brands are incorporating branding irons to create offline promotional items. Since branding irons can create professional looking wood and leather items, your offline marketing giveaways can include several items. You can create custom wooden cards, gloves, wallets and more. They have proven that these irons can make timeless designs that people will keep with them. It makes your offline marketing efforts more unique with the options to add as much creativity as possible.


During the holiday season, Starbucks takes a unique approach to their offline marketing. They release a red holiday cup that can only be used for certain holiday drinks. This lets everyone know that they have specific kind of drink. To their direct customers, this simple offline marketing idea would have them trying new holiday drinks. You can use a similar strategy to create a special feeling around a certain time of year or for certain products. For example, you can package a premium product differently so others can take notice. As customers walk around with an attractive item, others are bound to take notice of your office branding campaign.

There are so many ways to brand your company offline. You have to be willing to get creative to make your own unique ideas standout. If possible, connect your offline and online branding ideas so that they complement one another. You can start big or small. Sponsoring events can bring together your target market and spread a positive impression of your brand. Secondly, more interactive elements like kiosks allow customers to learn more about your company in a physical setting.

Moreover, giving away branded clothing like t-shirts are highly effective. Especially, if you add a branded link, more people will make the jump from offline to online. Of course, companies can create unique wooden and leather products to promote their brands offline. These can be lasting pieces that people keep for a long time. Lastly, you can keep it simple and create so exclusivity with your physical products. All of these are great ways to brand your company online. Choose one that fits your brand and budget best.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson

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