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Top 5 Must Have iPhone Accessories

Girl iPhone Headphone

With each new version of the iPhone, it feels more and more like there is nothing that this powerful, revolutionary handheld device cannot do. However, there are still a lot of accessories out there that can improve the way you use your smartphone—giving you extra functionality for the features that you love the most, or making it easier to integrate into your lifestyle. From picking a stylish case that fits your personal style, to turning your ad hoc snaps into professional grade photography, here are the five accessories all smartphone users should add to their gadget shopping list.

iPhone Cases

1. Cases

It’s a moment that’s becoming more and more common, you’re walking and texting, run into something, and drop your phone on the ground. Now that phones are so smart they contain pretty much everything you need to successfully live your life, and this can be a harrowing moment. That’s why cases and covers have evolved with the phone.  From heavy-duty protection for the especially klutzy smart phone user, to stylish and practical bodies that offer extra battery life for those perpetually on the go, your case needs to match your taste and your lifestyle. That’s why it’s great that places like genero cell phone cases offer up so much variety!

iPhone Speakers

2. Speakers

It seems strange now that at one point in history you couldn’t take your entire musical library with you to a party, but the problem with having your music be so portable is that your speakers might not be. You need to be able to easily plug your phone into speakers that will deliver high quality music at home, or wherever you are. PC Mag has great suggestions for portable and stationary speakers that make it easy to play DJ.

iPhone Headphones

3. Headphones

For most, the little ear buds that are usually included with a purchased smartphone just won’t cut it. For the more athletic, you need something that will really move with you without falling out, or getting in your way. Real music lovers will most likely turn to the larger over the ear headphones that drown everything out, making it easy to get lost in your music. Trusted Reviews offers up this round up of the best around.

iPhone 6 Car Mounts

4. Car Mounts

Everyone is by now well aware of the dangers of texting and driving, but that doesn’t mean your iPhone doesn’t have a lot to offer while you’re on the road. From GPS directions to speakerphone calls, there are plenty of functions that you might want while you are speeding down the highway, and, what’s best, voice commands mean you can use them without having to take your hands off of the wheel.

The problem becomes, where do you put your phone so that you can hear it properly? Mashable has this breakdown of the best car mounts that allow you to take advantage of your phone’s great features, while keeping your eyes on the road. They’ll also stop you from fumbling around, or losing it to the cracks in your car seats ever again!

iPhone Clip-on Photo Lens

5. Clip-on photo lenses

This is a big one for both the professional and the aspiring photographer. Clip-on photo lenses make it easy to quickly transform your iPhone’s small lens into a professional grade camera. From fish eye to standard shutter, you can click the perfect photo to upload while you’re on the go, without having to tote more expensive gear at all times. Hongkiat kindly offers us 20 different styles to match any photographer’s needs.

Author bio: Barry Saunders graduated Golden Gate University. He is passionate about blogging.

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