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5 Top Content Marketing Trends for 2021

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In 2020, a new environment challenged businesses to adapt their marketing strategies to remain effective. While the year heralded many changes for marketers, 2021 promises to see the rise and fall of many new trends.

In this article, you’ll be learning more about the marketing trends that should shape your content marketing strategy for 2021. It’s time to get out your calendar and start preparing your plan for the year.

Let’s get started!

1. Personalized SMS Messages

SMS marketing has made its rounds in the industry, rising and falling in popularity. Recently, enterprise SMS marketing has made a notable comeback, and 2021 is the perfect time to start capitalizing on its potential.

Before you start sending out texts, it’s critical to understand how to make these campaigns successful. Personalization is one key factor, limiting messages to subscribers who’ve opted to receive them. Sending a random marketing SMS isn’t just poor practice but also illegal.

If done right, a text marketing campaign can be an excellent investment. Statistically:

  • 75% of consumers are happy to receive SMS marketing from brands if they opted in to receive texts.
  • 73% want to receive special offers or coupons via SMS.
  • SMS has a 99% open rate and a 45% response rate.

Dismissing SMS marketing as “a thing of the past” is one of the worst mistakes a business can make in 2021.

How to Get Ahead

Start building your subscriber lists and decide how you can integrate text marketing into your strategy for the year. A multi-channel approach works best.

For example, you can run a social media campaign that points viewers to a landing page containing an SMS opt-in offer. Once visitors enter their contact information and agree to subscribe, they’ll receive a text with their coupon code. The strategy allows you to improve your website traffic, grow your subscription list, and cultivate new leads.

2. Short-Form Videos

Some agencies are already crowning short-form videos as the new “King of Social.” Millennials and Gen Z consumers enjoy brief and catchy content, and quick recordings are an excellent way to target these markets.

TikTok for Business was introduced this year, along with the new Instagram Reels. Consumers love visual content, and both platforms allow companies to target customers by using short-form videos.

Why are these videos so popular? According to studies, millennials have an attention span of approximately 12 seconds. Gen Z will only give you about eight seconds of their time before losing interest. Short-form videos are a great way to catch their attention.

How to Get Ahead

In 2021, people will spend around 100 minutes watching recorded content daily. That’s more than 100 short-form videos, and you can bet companies will be competing to make sure they’re on that playlist. Start experimenting with messaging and CTAs to see how you can convey an impactful brand message in 60 seconds or less.

3. Interactive Live Video and Streaming

Pre-recorded videos, like the short-form types listed above, let you clean up and edit the content for an appealing experience. However, they don’t get as much engagement as live videos and streams.

For example, many long-time YouTubers have turned to Twitch to foster interaction with their audiences. After the live streams, they’ll upload edited videos onto YouTube that feature highlights from the sessions. While these shortened recordings still get views, they don’t get the same type of quality interactions.

TikTok is another popular platform for live videos, as is Snapchat. The best performing types of content include:

  • Vlogs
  • Interviews and Q&A
  • Webinars
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews

If you want to encourage viewers to interact with your brand, live video and streams would be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy.

How to Get Ahead

Experiment with different platforms and their live video capabilities. Some require a significant time investment, while others are perfect for quick streams. Some platforms can even generate additional revenue, should you gain a large enough following. Once you’ve found a match, try out various types of content that match your brand and allow you to connect with your audience.

4. Say Hi to AI-Powered Content

Content is a critical component of any marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it can take a significant amount of time to craft an informative, SEO-optimized blog post. That might not be the case for much longer, thanks to AI-powered content generation tools like API GPT-3 and Contentyze.

Do they work? In a way, yes.

While they’re still in the early stages of development, users can sign up and start testing the software. For example, Contentyze can produce summaries, captions, and even 1000-word blog posts. The content might need to be touched up once generated, but the overall results are awe-inspiring.

AI-powered content generators could change the way copywriters and marketers approach their marketing.

How to Get Ahead

Many content generators are now in beta and offering free or ridiculously cheap memberships. Try out a few different platforms and experiment with their capabilities. While the jury is still out on AI-generated content, it’s better to be an early adopter than late to the game.

5. Value-Driven and Search Intent SEO

Keyword optimization has been at the root of SEO for many years, defining how publishers approach content generation. However, the way we use SEO keywords may change significantly due to the new focus on search intent.

Google is the biggest search engine globally, and its algorithm plays a notable role in determining how copywriters optimize their content. However, recent changes have shifted the focus toward valuable, topic-related copy.

While keywords will likely always play a role in SEO, there’s increased focus on user intent.

How to Get Ahead

Write copy that offers valuable information. The goal should be to answer any questions a visitor might have about the topic and prove your authority on the subject matter. Most importantly, try to address your reader’s concerns and needs instead of pushing or promoting your products.

Get Ready for 2021

Smart companies evaluate their marketing strategies every year, adapting them to include the latest trends. In 2021, personalized messages, video, and value-driven content are leading the charge. Remember to experiment with different types of content to find the ones that best match your business goals.

By preparing for and adopting these tactics early, you can beat your competition, increase your revenue, and grow your business.

Keep checking back with Mad Tomatoes throughout the year to stay up-to-date on all the latest digital marketing trends yet to come!

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