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7 Web Development Trends for Lead Generation

Web Development Trends in Lead Generation

The world is advancing digitally, and most of the sectors are taking healthy advantage of digital technologies. The internet replenished the entire world, and people are now fascinated with the services it offers. On the other hand, business people got the new market to evolve and grow. The growth of the online world has been fruitful to many sectors, including the business sector. 

With the growth of the online world, the business world is integrating the use of digital technologies to enhance its growth. Business people have understood the impact of digital tools and the online world. Thus, this is how the online business created a reputation in the business sector. 

The craze for online services has increased a lot in recent times. From small grocers having their online grocery delivery app to supermarkets running their business online using websites. The business sector has evolved a lot with the adoption of digital solutions. They can generate more leads to grow their business, and with the latest practice in the digital world, the business running on the internet can succeed quickly. 

Importance Of Web Development In Lead Generation

A great website is as good as you make efforts to create a marketing strategy. People will always admire a good website, and it is the first point of impact that a business running online can create. The businesses that generate quality leads at a rapid time will get more successful. Business people can also take advantage of web development trends to encourage more leads and eventually increase sales. 

You might be wondering how web development will drive lead generation. There are various factors in web development that are trending that can boost the sales leads effectively for the business running online. It becomes an essential factor in the lead generation process. Here we will further discuss different web development trends which will nurture the lead generation process. 

1. PWA (Progressive Web Application)

One of the latest and top trends in web development is the progressive web application. It is currently trending because it is moreover a universal solution. Due to this application, the website will be more responsive and adapt to all the mediums through which people operate the internet. 

Most of the traffic generated these days is from mobile users, and with PWA, you can give a great mobile experience when people navigate your business site. A good experience in operating your business site is essential so that customers can seamlessly navigate your site and try to engage. 

The chances are high that you can generate and nurture leads because of the user experiences and functionality like apps in your site. The organic search traffic will rise due to the PWA because of faster and more engaging sites and that will result in higher conversion. 

2. Artificial Intelligence

Another important web development trend is artificial intelligence. The use of AI will enhance the web development process. It will accelerate the web development process and automate it. The performance of the website increases, and quality improves, which will influence people. 

Also, chatbots are a very important consideration from a marketing perspective and one of the effective tools in generating leads and engagement with potential customers. Artificial intelligence offers many technical advantages which help business models to grow effectively. Thus, these varied applications of artificial intelligence help nurturing and obtaining quality leads for your business. 

For example the site with AI-powered chatbots will be more user-friendly as the visitors can solve their doubts and queries instantly and in return the site gets the details of the visitors collected by chatbots. The data collected by the chatbots can be very helpful in lead generation and conversion for your business. 

3. IoT

The Internet of Things gives many variations and offers many advantages in the digital sector. One of the latest applications it offers to the web development process is voice search. It is the latest trend that will allow more effective user interaction. Iot in web development makes it possible by transcending an advanced communication system. 

  • Voice search is quick, and order generation will be faster
  • Further helpful in analytics

The voice search will be a more comprehensive mode for users to find their products. This approach will be more effective in offering the best experience to users, which can be crucial in the lead generation process. Thus, the adoption of IoT in web development is the latest trend that will elevate your lead generation. 

The IoT trends like voice technology can be a very important aspect in lead generation because of the better engagement with users for your site. Engagement is necessary for generating potential leads and voice searches and virtual voice assistance is something that will give better engagement with your users which can effectively help you in generating quality leads. It helps in building relationships with the users and then you can identify your prospects and nurture for conversions. 

4. Motion UI

Motion UI is one of the customer-centric approaches and latest web development trends that are used these days. It can be very effective in nurturing leads because of its customer-centric approach. According to the stats released by Salesforce, almost 85% of customers consider the website design as important as the products offered to them. The intuitive and responsive interface is very important to offer a great experience to users. 

Motion UI is the customized and animated UI element used to keep users interested and entertained. Users love visual treats from your website, and it will create a good impact on their minds. The improvement in your user experiences will derive more organic traffic to your site and hence, due to more traffic the chances are high for lead generation and nurturing the leads. 

5. Single Page Application (SPA)

Single page application is one of the latest web development trends that many top industry giants are already considering. It is a Js-based web application that avoids loading different pages from the server, and instead, users can continue scrolling on the same web page. It is a unique experience that is already trending, and especially the online business website can take advantage of it by continuously displaying products to users. 

  • A simple yet effective approach
  • Great performance
  • Reduce interference

Business people can keep users interested in this web development trend. The possibility of nurturing lead generation increases with this approach. It is the trend that is currently used by Facebook, eCommerce websites, Twitter, drive, etc. Once users take interest in you the SPA will keep on showcasing all the stuff in your site without moving and hence the chances that few things in your site will attract the users and you can get your leads. 

6. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a high security emerging web development trend. Security is very important for businesses running online with the help of an online platform. For the business website, online payment is involved, and thus, users will demand security, and so will you. 

Blockchain technology is the latest trend that verifies transactions from both ends by decentralized networks. It is very fast, secure, and transparent in transferring digital goods. The use of the latest technology will improve the protection of your site, and you can convince your prospects that their security is your priority. 

The transfer of funds is one of the problems that people face in online sites and the use of blockchain technology will ensure secured end to end transfer of funds and one can nurture the leads if they are facing issues with fund transfer or have questions regarding the security of their fund transfer. 

7. Mobile Friendliness

The mobile-friendly approach is the latest trend that must be focused on. To gain more and more leads, it is important to target wider audiences. In this internet-savvy world, the number of mobile users is higher which is 4.66 billion to be precise, which means people using the internet on mobile are also higher. 

In this situation, the web development trend of mobile-friendly approaches becomes very important. A mobile-friendly site can be very beneficial as it will help you target mobile users easily to gain more leads. It is the best way to gain more leads for your business, giving your venture effective growth. You may have noticed that most tech giants have their website friendly, which is the best way to make your business sustainable. 

As the number of mobile users are higher the more traffic will come from them and they are the real targets for getting the potential leads. The lead generation and nurturing process will have a boost with the mobile-friendly approach in your site as the mobile users are increasing. With a mobile-friendly approach you can target more audiences for captivating and generating leads. 

Lead generation is always critical for any business. A clear marketing strategy is not enough to succeed with your lead generation process. It is the dual efforts of technical and non-technical approaches. Web development becomes crucial in nurturing lead generation processes for businesses running online. It creates a huge impact on people’s minds, and hence, your lead generation process will be successful. 


The evolution of technology has been fruitful to humankind in recent times as it has made their lives easier and hassle-free. Business people are taking healthy advantage of the technology trends to overcome their business hurdles and focus on effective growth. Lead generation is a crucial aspect for the success of any business, and business people are always keen on nurturing their lead generation process. 

Web development can be a critical aspect in nurturing the lead generation process because of the features and functionality it provides to your online platform. The latest web development trends focus on improving the platform to perform well enough and fulfill the criteria, creating an impact on users’ minds and giving them flexibility in operating the platform. 

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Brijesh Vadukiya 7 Web Development Trends for Lead Generation
Brijesh Vadukiya

Brijesh is the tech activist, blogger, and internet marketing officer of Elluminati Inc for more than three years. My major concern is to educate people who are interested in technology. I am fond of writing useful and informative content that helps brands to grow business.

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