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Workplace Safety Tips to Consider in 2021

Workplace Safety Tips

The global pandemic has cost tens of thousands of businesses hundreds of billions of dollars. However, as we inch closer to a total return to normal, companies worldwide are faced with the prospect of making significant investments. Between rebuilding, rebranding, and recalibrating their post-pandemic approach, it’s a lot to cover in a short amount of time.

While most upgrades and investments vary from business to business, virtually every company on the planet must rethink the way they handle workplace safety. Efforts to make the workplace safe are not only essential for maintaining business productivity. They’re something every employee and customer has come to expect.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at several workplace safety tips to consider in 2021:


Medium to large-sized businesses employ anywhere from 100 to thousands of workers. Given the number of individuals constantly entering and exiting the workplace, companies of this size need to implement a temperature check station. With automatic infrared readings, your workers can come and go without stopping.

Companies dealing with customer pick-ups and drop-offs, such as daycares, dry cleaners, and restaurants, should install an outdoor processing station. With the help of a canopy to keep out sun and water, businesses will allow for customer interactions without risking the well-being of staff.

While it’s the employee’s choice to get vaccinated, businesses can make vaccinations a requirement for employment. Restaurants have been doing it for years. Consider implementing a mandatory vaccine requirement to reduce the risk of viral transmission at the workplace.

Workplace Violence

While the risk of fire and natural disasters is at the forefront of most workplace safety concerns, businesses must also prepare for active shooters. A disgruntled employee or outsider with a grudge against the company can unleash horrific amounts of devastation in a short amount of time. Though exceptionally rare, work-related mass shootings are far from uncommon. 

The first step is to ensure everyone knows where the emergency exits are located. Fortunately, this should already be part of their fire drill training. Instruct employees to immediately flee the building through these doors as soon as they hear gunshots.

For larger companies, security checkpoints are another investment to consider. Modern metal detectors are sophisticated enough to ignore car keys and smartphones but catch firearms and explosives.

Another critical component of preventing a devastating workplace shooting is instructing workers on how to recognize the warning signs in each other. Encourage employees to report any suspicious activity or unsettling statements related to violence against coworkers. Doing so can save lives, including their own.


Modern workplace security comes in all shapes and sizes. From cloud-based surveillance cameras to coded entry to old-fashioned security personnel, there are many options to choose from as companies reassess workplace safety.

Appropriate inventory control and asset tracking are also key to keeping the workplace as secure as possible. Never dispense keycards without making sure to get them back. While remote locking systems allow for a more efficient means of security, they can easily fail if cybersecurity isn’t up to snuff.

Given the recent cyber-attacks on small businesses, it’s imperative for business owners and management to devise adequate protections going forward. That starts with recognizing the vulnerabilities, followed by orchestrating a plan of attack. For instance, if you discover it’s relatively easy to hack your way into the current system, implement two-factor verification.


Companies spending thousands on health and safety improvements can utilize these changes for marketing purposes. There’s nothing wrong with letting everyone know what you’ve done to make your business a safer place. That way, you’re more likely to see a return on your investment.

In conclusion, it’s a lot to ask companies to sink tons of money into improvements after a year of record losses. However, given the unprecedented importance of ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers, it’s safe to say these investments are worth every penny.

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