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Advantages of Virtual Meetings

virtual meeting

During the pandemic, many businesses had to quickly adapt to ways of continuing both work and collaboration efficiently while being unable to go into the office. Virtual meetings have been around for quite some time but adoption and usage increased significantly during this period. However, this shift in how businesses conduct themselves had been long expected, and while the requirement for virtual meetings has declined as pandemic restrictions have lowered, many businesses who adopted the technology find themselves continuing to utilize virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings have several advantages, especially for companies that rely on clear communication between different departments within their industry. This is especially true for business owners who sell products or services on a large scale. Virtual meetings help those in the retail industry better connect and communicate. 


For those in the retail industry, costs are always a factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Holding in-person meetings can require certain employees to travel, which includes costs such as gas, tolls, and parking. There is also the need to secure a specific venue that can adequately provide the space you need, depending on the size of the meeting. You also need to factor in the time it takes to secure the location, plan the meeting, get to the meeting, attend the meeting, and then return to your regular daily duties.

Virtual meetings remove all of this hassle. Virtual meetings don’t require a lot of planning. You typically just need to email the appropriate link and password if you choose to require one. There is no worry about travel costs, or securing a location. You can easily add or remove colleagues last minute from the meeting. Once the meeting concludes, an individual can quickly return to their other necessary duties. 

Better Connectivity

Virtual meetings allow for attendees to come from anywhere. For those in retail, this is the most convenient way to communicate with the various channels within an operation. This allows you to effortlessly connect with manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and employees in all areas. The only potential conflict you may face is drastic variations in time zones which can be easily planned around. With virtual meetings, you can be connected with anyone, regardless of their location. This allows for all necessary attendees to easily be present and increases feelings of inclusivity. 

The more individuals that can attend your meetings, the more diverse range of opinions and information you will be able to share. This provides valuable insight and expertise that could be missed with more traditional methods of meeting. 


Productivity is key to great business. Relying on virtual meetings can provide a platform that supports shorter, more effective means of communication. When you schedule an in-person meeting, you often have to include as many individuals and departments as possible to make the break from work time seem valuable. This can create meetings that are drawn out by trying to cover a lot of information in a short period. These meetings can also cause attendees to have to sit through the information that is irrelevant to them. 

With virtual meetings, you can tailor who attends so that the information is applicable. This can help increase the speed at which decision-making takes place, and provides an overall better utilization of time and effort. 

Several benefits come with using a virtual platform to meet with all parties involved in your business. You’ll be able to achieve better, more productive communication with attendees from all over. Planning and executing virtual meetings are simple, especially with platforms that provide convenient functions, such as screen mirroring, presenting, whiteboards, and recording options. No matter what your business entails, you can benefit from virtual meetings. Contact the professionals at RIVIR to learn more today. 


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