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11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

11 Best productivity tools for marketing 2022

Business marketing is a tricky job and at times it could be quite challenging to meet your goals. With the dynamic market, you constantly need to come up with new marketing strategies that could enhance your marketing performance and productivity. As such, the use of productivity tools for business marketing becomes imperative.

Productivity tools help keep a track of your marketing performance and guide you well in enhancing the same. However, what tools will work out the best for you? 

Let us help you out and get you acquainted with the…

11 Best Productivity Tools to Make Your Tasks More Manageable

Today, every other productivity tool claims to be the best for your marketing teams, but are they the best for your business? Let us see if you could find the best tool for your marketing team in this list of best productivity tools. 


Monday.com is a platform that works for businesses of all sizes. To keep the productivity factor up, this platform helps you share your progress with an outsider to keep you accountable and run campaigns. 

You can keep track of the status of your project on your customizable dashboard, stay in touch with your team members and add tools such as Slack, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc., to get work done faster and smoother. 


Free: $0/ month

Basic: $8/month

Standard: $10/month

Pro: $16/month

J1KGK74AGRusDagr3R4O 9 BZXrQwQhSq603TlBnt8HjLM31QL01LkXQ9SQvHpX4GlAY55zXmTB S23ZDXq7tkNGfDuxttVE9rzLv4u39XDhUJWJLht4jAnVTLbjnRgFunvG 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: Monday.com


Timedoctor helps you keep track of the time taken by a team member or an employee to perform a specific task. This platform is best suitable for managers as they can measure the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates and step in when needed. 

With Timedoctor, users can even work offshore with a computer or a mobile phone, and you can add in timesheets, screen monitoring, and help stay accountable. You can add members with their position mentioned, such as manager, employee, etc.


Basic: $7/month

Standard: $10/month

Premium: $20/month

5e37SjhgAQB2qhrTGxB45Ivn6gjK5sC26GtMx99cGs0LR Qs2qeEStSSCjpCrnYX7cRkXFTeC6RCw2fQZtDtENCw7mr3PyW3mcyEIgrS OD9hwEFULzDY0W5pezR1cYpJQzO93p4bo 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: pcmag


When it comes to marketing, going digital and performing SEO is the trend. Marketers use digital marketing across channels given that it has a 250% increased chance of a conversion. As marketers do that, Hubspot comes as an all-in-one solution to market on different levels using email marketing, content marketing, etc.

This CRM tool helps you track your projects’ contacts, conversions, stats, spending, and success rates. It also helps you build a customized dashboard that will show you the reports you asked for and help you identify market trends by offering the necessary insights into the functioning and working of your project.

You can keep these reports private, public or available to specific team members to work together and know where more effort is required. It helps you keep track of any interactions users had with your business on ads or anywhere else to focus more on what is creating better results. 


Starter: $45/month

Professional: 800/month

Enterprise: $3, 200/month

7InrjPM5Fa757UUE46TnICHTg3HdDHLydQX rfDfAVxclHDcK4FjlSXDjudSXW14PD5Tn6HkKpQ2A6FMkaZEWKFOO4OoHXiIr2d34 GprzRWjCb I M6On pl4JiCFoMSmgKXtoZ7e4 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: Techradar


Systeme.io is an all-in-one tool for the growth of your business. This platform offers multiple devices such as website builder, sales funnels, email marketing, blogging, selling products, etc. You save up lots on different tools. 

This platform offers plenty of unlimited services, such as file storage. You can track your business’s progress on its dashboard (multiple dashboards available ex: affiliate, marketplace, etc.) and choose which one you want to be displayed. 


Free: $0/month

Startup: $27/month

Webinar: $47/month

Unlimited: $97/month

niA8nQdNLdruO4W2wjskMyu2LItucfnUxmuP6xNSuvT8uBHJZcTc2u0Td0jGwd4BiBbIstpCRxwK hqnshFQDE P5f9vk1 LZU Vj7ZB RlnAr5RpEpGn33PUWl9dhys2rel4rVf26A 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: Systeme.io


This platform helps you create applications whether you do so for a living or your business. Powr.io enables you to develop applications that will help you grow on different levels, such as boosting conversions, getting more followers, etc.

You can create Paypal buttons, galleries, etc., without having to pay a developer, as Powr.io helps you build all of that without any coding knowledge. If you are a beginner, you can expect lots of training on this platform. 


Free: $0/month

Starter: $5/month

Pro: $13/month

Business: $81/month

uYt0t SsCOEoLFXV SyxLj76k4fyqanbTdUpyOUy in6SYbPIHhWrtie0Awx 5DQE9AZK3 kuVHZ7fGBHEQAqyJmifFwt7smBDqPSS9heKo4W2vaDT9fI9GmDN3r3j7yRySKZbqAvY 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: Powr.io


Picreel.com could help you boost your conversion rates with the help of numerous pop-ups that work as per CTA strategies. This platform enables you to form surveys, product suggestions, basically everything that could keep your customers interested and then buy your product. 

It permits the installation of over 700 integrations, including CRMs such as HubSpot and MailChimp. Picreel offers numerous target strategies, such as personalizing content based on visitors’ metadata. 


Starter: $12/month

Basic: $52/month

Plus: $112/month

Pro: $299/month

wgkftgKSfDA1RLacL8AmqXio erL2I92J AHLCtfS YzKXgB2nnej3kMZZ2KAgZJzEV7 1X5MRqRNF77S9Kf8PydPGFEm6pHnV4mbYF6EZJL6HVugY5K7e7ssEims 8Xt2TnvwwHX8k 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: TMRBoss 


You could make your business website more visually appealing or your youtube video look more professional with this platform. Clipchamp helps you edit and create websites, and you can download it right on your Windows 11 for free.

This platform helps you record your screen and yourself through the webcam simultaneously. It enables you to convert voices into texts or subtitles. Clipchamp.com, unlike many other video editing apps, maintains the quality of your video.


Basic: FREE

Creator: $6/month

Business: $13/month

Business Platinum: $27/month 

LiJUhrTnr3lq5nTK H yqn4HoAboaO98FxLqjrR0jRWtWQnZWT2TaJ9EOVcxajucMzjXYIOqFpMHizSXD24pvKVVSWGe7rJ6SF4ictpp5ghp 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: PCMag 


Mailmunch is a platform that offers you to build pop-ups, landing pages, forms, etc. You get plenty ready to use templates and tools to increase your conversion rates and keep your visitors a part of your business. 

This platform is email marketing friendly and offers several email-related services, such as drag-n-drop builder, which helps you create forms and send emails. Mailmunch is device responsive and enables you to grab customers visiting on their mobile phones.


Premium: $14/month

K07OLDWJZwBrd1KSpjWup7cCyHRkItStrBhqeClAz8sbLsdDVtbkSLOUd5AMmZPEq2fly41HqVXN5p6lhSNPx07bUEnEJlqx8 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: SoftwarePundit


As the name suggests, this platform is great for teachers or professors, or anyone who wants to offer online training courses. Proprofsproject.com helps you analyze your training results and where you need to work.

You can create flashcards, surveys, quizzes, etc., and help your students. You can customize any existing courses on the platform or build from scratch. You can choose any of the templates and use them on any device. Or you can keep track of your employees’ work, assign them, and communicate with them.


Essentials: $3/month

Premium: $6/month

dUIBaffJTrTLTVmPJMSCxWc3VyWV YL vT84l1PWPIMC8STA3XMMRjEtYoQ9vW6HtKjDwwk94Na KYCwGO t85H4BtcLvjwc yBH4L7H2TW4tevZ69KfWmyvpuie0ydR57JmWEBSayY 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: G2


You could use Ahrefs.com to better your website’s search engine ranking as this platform offers many tools to make your website SEO optimized. You can check for the SEO strategies or hints on your competitor’s websites through this platform and look for keywords for your website.

Ahrefs.com checks for any SEO issues on your website and tells us what is wrong and how it could be improved. If you worry about the costs, the costs recently have been slashed down, and free plans are available. 


Lite: $99/month

Standard: $199/month

Advanced: $399/month

Enterprise: $999/month

YgQpbRR7PZtXG K 9oiKQyAP2bwNKJuWuU2ZCOtxMl99DtQIT4woq9ZMqSW22DsSVvjSlg78Hdu34uB9xS1cUNaycxybiITj6022JRtK5v3QvV6 m6 uZC1uRc2getJWMaF 9KvyocQ 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: Backlinko


Snov.io helps you with email marketing and offers you numerous tools such as integrations, email tracker, email search, email verifier, etc. You can create drop campaigns on this platform, pick a template, and schedule emails. 

The templates are built to attract visitors and eventually sign up for your business. On this platform, you can also analyze your opponents’ strategies and work on your own while tracking your growth through scaling. 


S: $33/month

M: 83/month

L: $158/month

XL: $308/month

XXL: $615/month

QB tS5APJDZqo15zwmAVlCl8jhKem2xbPl02k2g 0Uch2AiCiJgbRyGKUs7a1P30xyTA4EnauOQIFyumQ9bz7gF05408u10M10TY4FLz 11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams

Source: BloggersIdea

Ready To Boost Your Productivity?

Using the right tools for your marketing team to increase productivity could be the best decision for your business. This article gives an overview of the 11 best productivity tools for marketing teams. 

We have considered their functionality, affordability, and ease of use. You could take a look for yourself and hopefully increase the sales of your online business.

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11 Best Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams
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