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Barcode Technology And The Future Of Shopping

future shopping

The barcode arrived in the 1970s and revolutionized shopping as we knew it. Today it’s still at the forefront when it comes to the future of shopping.  In this article we look at how barcodes are changing the shopping experience and how they will continue to do so.
Many of us use barcodes every day while out shopping. In supermarkets, pretty much every product has a barcode on it which is scanned at the checkout. In recent years however, with the development of new technologies, there a number of innovative and time-saving ways in which we can make use of the barcode alongside smartphones and the internet to improve our shopping experience.

future shopping- barcodes


More and more customers use their mobile and smartphones for shopping. Much of this is down to the use of barcodes. Smartphones and barcodes go hand in hand, with many apps using barcodes as a means of comparing product prices, as well as looking to see if something is in stock. Smartphone apps such as Amazon and eBay have features where you can scan a product and see what’s available, and for how much money.

smartphone barcodes

QR Codes

 QR codes, or quick response codes, are a great way of advertising. If a business has a poster or flier for a new product and a customer wants to find out more information about it they can. Using a scanner on their smartphone, they can scan the QR code and be taken directly to another webpage.

QR codes take users to websites for a number of reasons: for promotional videos, nutritional information and generally for a longer, more targeted, sales pitch. QR codes have greatly changed the way in which people shop. They can now find much more information about what they’re buying in a matter of seconds.

QR codes are easy to generate, and a number of companies will print them for you or, alternatively, offer advice on suitable printers and ribbons. Printer label advice from Southeastlabels.co.uk is one particular option.

QR Codes


Traditionally, a coupon is a small piece of paper often taken from a magazine or newspaper. They can be fiddly and difficult to organize and are often forgotten, lost in a purse or wallet, or left at home. M-coupons are much more user-friendly because they’re delivered direct to your smartphone, meaning you always have your coupons in one place.


M-coupons are also extremely beneficial to the businesses that create them. They allow them to analyse customer behavior  through coupon use, so that future m-coupons can then be tailored to an individual’s preferences.

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