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Chicago Bulls Rally Past Pacers After Slow Start and Bad Defense

Chicogo Bulls Derrick Rose

The Bulls turned an apparent loss into a thrilling victory after they closed out the game with a stunning 16-1 run. When the Pacers led 98-88 with 3½ minutes remaining, the Bulls showed the resolve that carried them to a league-best 62-20 record.

Derrick Rose scored 39 points, scoring 7 during the impressive finish including a tie breaking 3-point play and a floater that tied it at 99 with 1:27 remaining. He then Kyle Korver with a cross-court pass for a 3 that gave the Bulls their first lead at 102-99. Wih 48 seconds left, Rose found Korver for a tie-breaking 3-pointer, helping Chicago stage a late rally to beat the Pacers 104-99 in their playoff opener on Saturday.

The loss hurts real bad and was tough to accept. With Rose staring at them, Danny Granger never felt safe. “With Derrick Rose on the other team? No,” Granger said. “With Derrick Rose on the other team, no. It’s like a crazy stalker ex-girlfriend. Everytime you tell her you don’t want to talk to her, she’ll show up at your door again.”

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