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Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t new, but for the beginner, it is a bit intimidating to be told you need to start using content to attract customers. After all, what on earth are you supposed to write about and where does this content need to be posted?

SEO is a continually evolving field of expertise, but the principles behind good content marketing haven’t changed a bit. Good content is good content, and as long as you write for readers rather than search engines, you can’t go too far wrong.

Originality is the Key to Success

You also need to be original. Of course this is easier said than done, but despite the fact the internet is swamped with content about pretty much everything and anything, try and write content from scratch and stick to subjects you know.

What’s Your Audience?

Content needs to be suitable for your target audience. Give some thought to this before you start writing. Think about what visitors to your website or blog are likely to be interested in and produce content accordingly. For example, if you sell plumbing merchandise, it is likely that visitors come looking for advice, so produce articles explaining how to do simple home plumbing projects. As long as the information is useful and interesting, you will quickly build an audience and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Be Creative

Articles and blog posts are useful, but there are many other types of content you should try. Infographics, videos, and podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with audiences.

Format Content

It is a lot harder to read content online. For this reason, content needs to be correctly formatted to make it easier on the eye and less of a struggle for your reader. Instead of writing huge chunks of text, break your content up into short paragraphs with snappy sub-headings. Highlight any interesting or important points and include images.

Include Keywords

There was a time when all a content marketer had to do was dump a page of text full of keywords online and wait for the search engines to boost their website up the listings. This no longer works, but keywords are still important.

Use site analytics data to find out what keywords and phrases visitors are using to find your website and incorporate these into fresh content. Just remember that including keywords, whilst being important, should never be your priority.

Create Evergreen Content

The best content never goes out of fashion. It’s like a great pair of quality jeans in that it lasts forever and ages brilliantly. Some content, specifically news articles, has a naturally short shelf life, but where possible, try and produce content that continues to deliver value to the reader, preferably for many years to come. However, don’t be afraid to re-hash old content in order to add to it and make it more relevant if necessary.

Content marketing isn’t rocket science, but if you can’t afford to spend time doing it yourself, contact a Sioux Falls marketing professional for some expert advice.

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