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Cool Arm Pouches for Cellphones and Portable Music Players

Car keys? Check! Cash? Check! Cellphone? Check! iPod? Check!  Now you have a place to stuff all your stuff in when you go out to jog, bike, work out or engage in other physical activities — thanks to these ultra-cool, ultra-practical arm pouches or arm wallets.  An arm pouch can easily hold an iPhone, IDs, drivers license, credit cards, a few dollars and keys.  You can run or work out without it getting in the way.  Plus, you don’t have to phumble* anymore.

By Armpocket.com

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By Phubby.com

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Phone and Music Player Carrier by Amphipod.com

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*Phumble –  (phone + fumble)  a desperate search in a pocket, handbag or briefcase for a ringing electronic device.

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