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Amazing Interactive 360° Winter Sports Video

yellowBird 360

YellowBird has created the next revolution in online film and video by developing innovative real-life interactive 3D video technology.

And for the upcoming wintersports season,they’ve developed an amazing winter sports demo of the Laax area in Switzerland. From skiing, to snowboarding. From freestyle jumps to off piste rides. Watch this interactive video and see the world of Winter Sports like never before.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Interactive 360° Winter Sports Video”

  1. The kind of videos that may me say Wow.

    They used those small cameras for these kinds of videos right? The Go Pro HD Cameras that look like toy cameras buy actually take High Definition photos.

  2. The wider it’s viewed, the more the experience you get to feel just by watching it.

    That’s gonna make it in my bucket list.

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