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Create and Broadcast Your Own Personal Internet Radio Show with Spreaker


The following is a guest post by Cristina Voto of Spreaker. Spreaker is an audio platform that allows you to host a Live Internet Radio Show, anywhere, anytime, with just a couple of clicks. It’s the easiest way to create and share Audio On-line. Enjoy the post.

Spreaker‘s open platform enables you to host and listen to thousands of radio shows. By registering for free or logging in with a Facebook profile, anyone can become a radio host. Create your own radio show using the DJ console, mixing your voice with music tracks and effects. No downloading is required, and the service is free.

Add flavor to your broadcasts using the vast online library of music and sound effects, including emerging indie artists, as well as Creative Commons. If you prefer your own tastes, you also have the option to upload personal audio files into the cloud to play in your shows.


Sharing is easy, and with one click radio shows can be transmitted from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and all other major social networking sites. Gain your own followers and follow other DJs, receive feedback, and communicate directly with listeners.

“I was driving while listening to this great podcast. And I thought: wouldn’t it be nice if these guys were able to broadcast this live?” Francesco Baschieri, CEO.

Finding the podcast format limiting, Baschieri decided to combine the power of radio and social networking. With Spreaker, anyone can be a radio host or DJ. Talk about news, sports, culture, hold interviews with guests, and take in callers with Skype to actually speak with your audience. Communicate and exchange ideas with people who have the same passions that you do!

Spreaker in a nutshell

  • Spreaker is an online application for creating and sharing live audio content across the Internet.
  • With Spreaker, users become Radio DJs and host personal radio shows that can be streamed live and listened through a widget which supports all the major social media and mobile platforms.
  • It’s very easy to create any kind of radio show – from music to talk – since everything can be made on-line thanks to a unique DJ console which allows real-time mixing of voice, music and sound effects.
  • On the other hand, listeners are able to discover interesting niche content which would not be found on traditional FM radios.

How is Spreaker Different?

  • Spreaker allows you to broadcast LIVE on facebook and other social media sites. In this way, your audience can interact with you using tools like twitter, Skype, chat-rooms, etc…
  • We provide music! A selection of Creative Commons music with more than 4.000 tracks is waiting for you. You can also upload your tracks as long as you are OK with broadcast licenses.
  • There is nothing to install! Everything is super Easy. Our mixing console is an online (Adobe-Flash based) tool and it works from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • You don’t need to broadcast 24/7. Spreaker users can create their own playlist or schedule and your show will fit in when you want.
  • Spreaker is a social website. Users can create networks around the type of content they prefer, comment on shows and exchange ideas in real time. And we connect with major social media sites so that it becomes very easy to grow your audience.

Can I embed the player in my Blog/website/…?

Of course you can! Spreaker is the perfect platform for casual podcasting. You can add a new episode of your podcast from everywhere and it becomes immediately accessible to your audience (they can listen to you live or play the recording afterwards).

Other cool things I should know

Spreaker is a USA – Italy operation.

Its development team is based in Bologna, the city where Guglielmo Marconi – the inventor of wireless radio – was born and developed his invention. Spreaker recently moved its headquarters to the Silicon Valley to boost its growth.

Currently we have an iPhone/iPad application for listeners. We are planning to release soon an application which allows you to mix and broadcast in real-time.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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