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What is Millisieverts?

With the term “millisieverts” being used in relation to the Japanese nuclear crisis, physics and astronomy website SixtySymbols explain how radiation is measured and show you some radiation in action.

The Digital Story of Nativity

If Jesus was born in this Internet Age, the Three Kings would probably use Google Maps and follow the @StarOfBethlehem on Twitter for direction. ;) Let’s watch social media, web and mobile tell the story of Nativity and see how the story would go.

Too Much Coffee Man

This coffee stuff, it’s really nice, isn’t it?  Wakes your sleepy head up in the morning, warms you up on a cold day,  makes the hours at work seem like minutes, keeps you going when the temperature rises, and smooths rough edges after a hard night.   It’s hard to imagine going through a full day …

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Zombie Survival Hints

Worried about your brain this Halloween?  It’s zombie season and this video will help you get through it, brain intact.

Hitler Orders A DMCA Takedown

When the studio Constantin Films ordered a DMCA takedown of every  “Hitler rants…” clips on the web which feature a short clip from the movie Der Untergang (Downfall), most of these downfall clips were taken down.  The takedown also caught one amusing video: it’s a parody of the takedown itself which uses the same downfall …

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Google Is Way Up Your Ass

Google has finally developed a data mining technology that can literally sift through your sh*t… and tell you how to live your life. The Google Toilet

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