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TED Talk: Sam Harris on Science-based Morality

How can science determine human values? Sam Harris presents an interesting and extremely compelling argument that science can be an authority on moral issues, shaping human values and setting out what constitutes a good life. Give it a watch:


What is Millisieverts?

With the term “millisieverts” being used in relation to the Japanese nuclear crisis, physics and astronomy website SixtySymbols explain how radiation is measured and show you some radiation in action.

Happy 30th Birthday Pac-Man!

In celebration of Pac-Man‘s coming 30th birthday, I’m allowing visitors to play a free Pac-Man game. This game is suitable for any age and both genders (but NSFW.. if your boss is around). Now have a break and swallow some energizers!.. Ready? (Warning: Playing this game may ruin your social life!) Pac-Man is an arcade …

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