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EaseUS Partition Master Professional 10.5 at a glance

EaseUS Partition Master Pro

In this era, almost everyone knows how to use the computer or laptop. Some people use it for work and some for leisure. There is an important info that all the computer and laptop users should be aware of, which is the importance to back-up old files. After all, the device is meant to store and view data.

Have you heard of the EaseUS Partition Master Pro? This is a disk management software for laptop, PC and workstation with one scalable solution of disk management, partition recovery and clone. What it basically does is organize your hard disk volume configuration for optimal performance, while keeping the data safe.

EaseUS Partition Master Pro

There are other brands outside there but why should you choose this one? This is because this software is created uniquely to:

  • be able to convert MBR disk to GTPT disk and vice versa without data loss to make full use of the hard disk space.
  • support 16 TB+ hard disk to meet the demand of high-capacity drive users
  • brand new UI to improve user experience

If you find these complicated, then maybe you should first understand what is MBR and GPT. The MBR is called Master Boot Record, which has fewer advantages as compared to the GPT which is GUID Partition Table. The MBR has more limitations, for example it only works with disks up to 2 TB in size. This means that it cannot handle disks with more than 2 TB of space. Not only that, it only supports up to four primary partitions. If you need more then you need to have ‘extended partition’ from the primary partitions, which means you need to create logical partitions inside it. With the GPT around, this is actually a silly and unnecessary move.

Most people tend to store lots of stuff in their device. One of the most common things will be movies and dramas which consume a lot of space, especially if they are High Definition (HD) videos. Hence, when the device is fully loaded with huge files, free space gets lesser. Consequently, the device will perform slower and this will surely annoy the user.

The Partition Master Professional 10.5 comes with an affordable price of only $39.95 for a single license and $59.95 for a free lifetime upgrade. With this purchase, the software helps to support large space hard disk. You no longer have to bear the lag effect due to small space hard disk.

On top of all, the Partition Recovery Wizard built-in EaseUS Partition Master is designed to recover deleted or lost partitions. It is able to retrieve back what has been deleted earlier as well as lost partitions from unallocated space due to any personal, hardware or software failure or virus attack. This can be done after deleted or lost partitions are recovered after repartitioned hard drive. Also, there are two recovery modes to choose from: automatic or manual. It supports wide range of options: FAT, NTF3, EXT2 & EXT3 partition recovery.

Do download EaseUS Partition Master. You will surely be pleased to know what it can do for you.

If you wish to know further about the EaseUS Partition Master Pro, be sure to visit their official website here: http://www.partition-tool.com

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