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7 Elegant Business Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Help bring your business to the next level today by establishing a professional online presence.  Here are some elegant and beautiful yet very affordable premium WordPress themes for your business portfolio or website.  All themes, except the BusinessCard theme, can also be run in  normal blog layout.

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

1.  SimplePress

SimplePress is a slick new page-based theme great for anyone looking to give their website a clean and professional look.  Its design is business-oriented but with a simple and crisp aesthetic. The theme features an un-bloated bloated homepage with a beautiful javascript slider and clear hierarchy, as well as fully functional Blog and Gallery sections.  Different color schemes available.

simple press

SimplePress WordPress Theme:   Live DemoGrab this theme

2.  TheProfessional

TheProfessional is a sleek and simple design without all of the extra features on the homepage that some people have no need for. This layout will be very easy for your visitors to understand and navigate. The three short blurbs on the homepage are easy to take in and the prominent slider provides a clear call to action. Different color schemes available.


TheProfessional WordPress Theme:  Live DemoGrab this theme

3.  MyProduct WordPress Theme

MyProduct is a great theme for businesses looking to promote their products and services online. The design has a smooth and corporate feel, and the theme’s page-based design makes for a powerful and versatile template. Different color schemes available.

my product

MyProduct WordPress Theme:  Live DemoGrab this theme

4.  Minimal

Minimal has a truly simple and elegant feel. The colors are easy on the eye, and the overall minimalist approach to the design makes for a relaxing and user-friendly experience for your visitors.  Different color schemes available.


Minimal WordPress Theme:  Live DemoGrab this theme

5.  13Floor WordPress Theme

13Floor’s design is edgy, flashy and fun while still retaining an air of professionalism.  The homepage contains only a collection of page or post-based slides, but still gives you enough room to tell your readers what you’re all about without drowning them in text.  Different color schemes available.

13 floor

13Floor WordPress Theme:  Live DemoGrab this theme

6.  TheCorporation

TheCorporation is a sleek and professional theme for business sites. Grab your visitor’s attention immediately with the prominent and flashy jQuery slider, and let them know who you are via the simple page-based homepage design. TheCorporation was built to be sophisticated and userfriendly, and will surely impress your potential clients.  Different color schemes available.

the corporation

TheCorporation WordPress Theme:  Live DemoGrab this theme

7.  BusinessCard WordPress Theme

BusinessCard is a simple jQuery-powered, one-page theme that allows you to provide your visitors with clean and concise information. BusinessCard transforms your blog into an easily customizable website complete with enhanced javascript effects and a fully functional gallery. Despite its unconventional appearance, BusinessCard is quick and easy to set up and a breeze to manage. Different color schemes available.


BusinessCard WordPress Theme:  Live DemoGrab this theme

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