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Top 10 Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

WordPress may not be the perfect choice for you. Whatever your requirements are, there are various other platforms that can be more suitable to use to build your website. Here we have hand-picked the best WordPress alternatives for you to choose from.

WordPress Themes

How to Choose a WordPress Theme that Matches Your Site

To ensure your website is serving up the best possible user experience, choose a WordPress theme that matches what your site is about, as well as what your target audience demands. From ecommerce to blogs, here are the top tips to make choosing your WordPress theme easy.

How to make a free membership website

How to Build a Free Membership Website with WordPress

Creating a membership website used to be complicated, but that is not the case now that you have WordPress offering a great CMS platform as the foundation for your site. Here’s how you can build a free membership website in just a few minutes.

Simple WordPress SEO Tips All Website Owners

Very Simple WordPress SEO Tips All Website Owners Should Know

Search engine optimization is so important. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what to do and without advanced SEO knowledge it is normally hard to explain all that should be done. With this in mind, here are some very simple WordPress SEO tips that will help you.

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