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Five Hot-Button Topics That Will Dominate the Tech Blogosphere in 2017

Virutal Reality

News in the tech world can be incredibly difficult to keep up with.  Updates one day, a new gadget the next: just as soon as we try to wrap our heads around a  breakthrough, something else pops up in our news feed.

With 2017 just around the corner, one can’t help but wonder what tech topics will dominate the blogosphere in the near future. Thankfully, we’ve uncovered five hot-button topics that are likely to garner more and more traction as next year approaches.

So, if you’re a tech blogger who wants to break through the noise and build a blog that drives serious traffic, what sorts of your stories should you focus on to engage readers and perhaps make some affiliate revenue on the side?


In an American election cycle dominated by stories of hacks and cyber-attacks, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity will continue to be a hot topic for tech junkies.

Likewise, as more stories continue to break to in today’s era of media transparency, the public’s interest in keeping their data safe will also increase. Whether providing data safety tips or suggesting ways to reduce the risk of being hacked, cybersecurity will surely be on everyone’s mind in 2017.


The beauty of technology comes in the fact that it makes our everyday lives easier; however, there’s plenty of controversy surrounding the subject of automation. As more jobs in fields such as manufacturing and retail are automated, the more concern grows over the long-lasting impacts of automation on the economy and employment.

Virtual Reality

On a more lighthearted note, virtual reality gaming is quickly taking YouTube and the blogosphere by storm. Tech companies such as Samsung have hopped on the bandwagon in an attempt to get in on the action: meanwhile, we should expect fierce competition in the VR space over the course of next year. As a blogger, now’s the time to get on the ground floor and start reviewing such products to target keywords and get in on some high-ticket affiliates (as VR headsets are readily available on Amazon).

Big Data

Big data has gone beyond the stages of being just another buzzword. Modern companies are still struggling to make sense of what to do with big data and how to implement it throughout their marketing. Consider how you can help break down such a complex subject into layman’s terms and educate your audience.

What’s Apple Up To?

Everyone loves a bit of controversy and competition, right?

For example, Apple recently announced a “touch bar” feature of the upcoming MacBook Pro. While the feature has many fans turning heads, critics are skeptical of its purpose. Such innovations have been a cornerstone of Apple’s marketing yet are constant sources of controversy amongst techies. By keeping up with Apple, you’ll always have a lively source of conversation and debate on your blog.

Sure, the tech world is constantly changing; however, there’s no shortage of blog topics to keep your readership interested. By staying on top of trends and giving your unique spin on the aforementioned topics, your blog may very well strike gold.

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