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What to look for in a Web Designer or Design Agency

Web Design Agency

Your website is the online face of your business; a face that is viewed by hundreds if not thousands of potential clients every day. Being that critical, it is crucial that you spare no effort in the web design.

There are several web designers and agencies out there advertising their services; Links, Webpros, Portland web design agency and so on. Can you trust any one of them to deliver your desired outcome? Probably not. The test lies in the ability to tell the difference.

Here are some qualities of an expert web designer:

Listens to you

You may not be an expert in web design, but you’re an expert in your own field of business. You know your product, your potential clients and the best way to present your products to them. You sure know a thing or two regarding how the website would look like.

The designer should be able to listen to you patiently without imposing their ‘expert’ ideas on you. The final product should represent a great deal of what you had envisioned.

Builds on your Idea

After understanding your idea, the designer can then come in with expert advice on how best to achieve it, what to add or subtract, what you may have left out and so on. This is your opportunity to receive pro concepts.

According to Colby Richards, the owner of a Portland web design agency, you should be guided on details such as web hosting, domain name, web layout, SEO, web content, emerging trends and so on. If a web designer is only willing to execute your idea without a single addition, feel free to move to the next one.

Has an attractive Portfolio

This one separates the men from the boys. Anyone can grasp some theory, but it is only put to the test with practical work. Look at the work that the designer has done before. Anything appealing there? There should be plenty, otherwise you may as well move on with your search.

The websites in the portfolio should not be identical. This shows lack of creativity; using the same concept over and over again. They should be diverse, displaying a wide range of concepts. Oh, and they should be live!

Updated on Current Design Trends

As with everything in the technology world, web design trends are changing every single day. An expert should be able to tell what’s hot and what’s not. Has the designer been using the same style and tools all along? You should be able to tell from the portfolio.

There should be a notable difference from a website designed 3 years ago and one designed last month. The advice given can also inform you of the level of updated-ness of the designer.


How long has the web design agency been in business? This determines their level of experience. And experience shows in the finished product. Granted, we do have some newcomers who can do a good job; just that it’s never guaranteed. You’ll hardly go wrong with an old hand in the trade.

In addition, you don’t want an agency that will be nowhere to be found in the next couple of months. What happens if you want your website modified? An experienced designer is your best bet.

This list is by no means comprehensive; but contains some of the most essential tips to help you choose the best web designer. Your website will be the first point of interaction with potential customers; you must ensure that you make a positive first impression. Compare and contrast the many web designers in the market following this guide, and you’ll sure end up with a great deal.

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